Nikolay Fomenko multimillion debts

У Николая Фоменко многомиллионные долги
Showman owe the Bank more than 65 million rubles.

Nikolay Fomenko


Nikolay Fomenko debts: the entertainer owes the Bank more than 65 million rubles. In 2007, Fomenko decided to study business and took a loan from the Bank, he founded a company to produce racing cars. However, the company never took off, seven years later Fomenko declared bankruptcy.

However, even the cessation of activity has not contributed to removing the debt on the loan. Despite the fact that the original loan amount was $ 60 million, now the court decided to pay the Bank for 65 million.

We will remind that Nikolay Fomenko have been interested in racing and racing cars. The entertainer is no stranger to the extreme: last summer he was put in charge of extreme truckaway part of the show “Park” on the First channel. So, in one of the editions he pulled the rope over the Moscow river and along with the stunt checked whether it is possible to move it to the other side.

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