Вера Брежнева пострадала от происков врагов The singer of 20 minutes could not get on a private concert, being locked in his own dressing room. She and her assistants not only tried to get out – it is useless. In the end had to break the door.

      Вера Брежнева пострадала от происков врагов

      Recently the singer has been locked in four walls in the literal sense. It happened during a tour of a sex symbol in Krasnoyarsk. To save Vera Brezhneva from prison, had to break the door. And, despite the occasional coincidence or, on the contrary, malice, show the stars in the Siberian city took place. The actress came on stage with a delay of twenty minutes. Her mood was just great – as always, Vera Brezhnev was smiling and beaming, charming all who attended her concert.

      “20 minutes before the concert – dressing room doesn’t open. Nobody can understand why! From within or without, we simply cannot open the door. Ten minutes we tried to open the door, then tried to ream her… In the end had to knock,” he told fans of a charming Faith.

      The singer even joked on the subject of delay in performance, turning to the man sitting in the first row: “This is you last came and paid to see a concert late? No?”. Faith is also expressed in a joking manner of suspicion of malice. According to the artist, maybe someone didn’t want her to sing their songs to the residents of Krasnoyarsk. But Brezhneva managed to overcome the obstacle and in the end she came on the scene aiming to provide fans with pleasant emotions.

      As for the concert, it was without surprises. Star actively communicated with fans, was allowed to take a selfie and showed Siberians his all-star form, succeeding for a few sexy evening outfits. As Faith later told reporters, this is her first big solo performance in Krasnoyarsk. But it is not the first trip to “the Siberian Venice”: in the last year of Brezhnev’s already played in this town. Get to it, by the way, was no less difficult than to go on stage from closed magically dressing room. The adventures began on a trip. Due to confusion with documents Brezhneva bassist wanted to disembark from the train. But in the end everything worked out, and the musicians did make it to Krasnoyarsk.

      Recall that Vera Brezhnev is now actively goes on tour on cities of Russia and the world with the latest album “Ververa”, released in 2015. The artist has performed in such cities as Sochi, Tallinn, Vilnius, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Omsk and Novosibirsk. In April, the show will host Brezhneva in London and Dublin.

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