Irina Shayk became a spectacular blonde

Ирина Шейк стала эффектной блондинкой Top model struck a bold transformation. Bright brunette Irina Shayk radically changed its image and turned into a blonde beauty. A new image of the model came to taste not all of her fans.

      Ирина Шейк стала эффектной блондинкой

      In spring, many girls crave the bold transformations. These are not alien female weaknesses and the star of world podiums Irina Shayk. One of the most successful and famous Russian models literally inapproval fans a cardinal change of image. Celebrity dyed his dark hair blond, good-bye to the spectacular image of brunettes and turned into a giddy diva with flowing curls on her shoulders, caramel color. “Who says I can’t be blonde?” asked Irina Shayk on a photo, which it captured the blonde beauty.

      I must say that the opinions of subscribers of top model are divided. But indifferent to a new way of Irina Shayk definitely not. Under her picture as a blonde dressed leave comments residents of different countries, for a short period of time to speak had about eight hundred people. Someone wrote that recognized beauty Irina Shayk the face of any image that someone admires and makes models of the compliments. But there are those who are a new image of the star strongly prefer. “Not blonde!” – written by people who are not ready to take Irina Shayk blonde.

      The very same diva to comments does not respond and does not report for the sake of a whim or at the behest of the employers, she decided to repaint their gorgeous hair. It is not excluded that new image is just part of the work of Irina Shayk. And soon the model will return to the image by which she was known and loved by millions of fans worldwide.

      It is worth noting that not all stars decide on such a bold steps to change the style. Many celebrities throughout life do not change their style, as well as the color and length of hair to be easily recognizable in public. The appearance becomes a kind of hallmark of well-known personalities, and only the most desperate and loving the experiments the stars, ready to surprise the public with a bold transformation. So, for example, easily change its color from blonde to brunette and Vice versa, the singer Tanya Tereshina, changing blonde hair to dark, and then returned to a brighter shade actress Maria Kozhevnikova. Not so long ago changed her hair color singer Julia Volkova, adding to the spectacular blondes.

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