Former husband of Proklova could not forgive her the death of the twins

Бывший муж Прокловой не смог простить ей смерть близнецов Ex-husband of movie star Alexander Deryabin took seriously the death of sons. Many years ago, Elena gave birth to the dead boys because of health problems. After the tragedy in their pair started the disorder.
Бывший муж Прокловой не смог простить ей смерть близнецов

Elena Proklova and two former husband of the star, Alexander Deryabin and Andrey Trishin, were the guests of the talk show “really” Dmitry Shepelev. The actress came to pass, to put the point in relations with third husband. However, on a talk show revealed that her second husband artist ostalisb painful memories, which he decided to tell.

With the second husband Alexander Deryabin Proklova lived for four years. The couple was expecting twins, boys, but the babies were born dead. Elena grieved at the death of sons. According to Elena, the death of babies is not the fault of doctors, then specialists, it was not possible to fully examine the body of the mother.

“It is more medical ignorance. My blood is very thick, and my children died. I lost two sons. And one son is Andrew also died,” he told the actress.

The wife was very upset by the tragedy. As Elena says, she was shocked by the statement of her husband Alexander.

Бывший муж Прокловой не смог простить ей смерть близнецов“I lost two sons in wedlock with Deryabin. For me Sasha’s phrase:”Everything happens for the better,” was the knife that cut off relations”, – said Proklova.
Бывший муж Прокловой не смог простить ей смерть близнецов

Alexander shared with the experts that loved his wife and wanted to reassure her, not wanting to hurt the actress. “I said it to reassure her, to explain that all ahead. And as much as I did not hurt, I had to calm her down,” – said the ex-husband of Proklova in the Studio “actually”.

Experts asked Deryabin, did he blame the actress in death of the twins when they were married. Alexander replied in the negative. It turned out to be true. But after a while, when he found out that the wife was repeatedly interrupted by pregnancy and not informed him about their problems with health, began to condemn Elena. The chosen one still have not forgiven the death of her sons.

“Deep down have not forgiven. For her the movie was all. She saw nothing and heard nothing. And in the cold and slush. Something was the cause? And when she learned about abortion…”- told Alexander.

The actress said that the first abortion did in 18 years. “I lived in the Soviet Union, where abortion was allowed. I lived in a family of atheists. I am a great sinner,” – shared the actress with guests and experts in the Studio. The presenter asked a question to Elena: “Maybe this is payback for what you did in your youth?”.

“Not according to his will. It was the native and close people, took me a grandmother,” added Proklova.

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The actress admitted that waited all my life for retirement.

“I have something to be proud of, I have two beautiful daughters. But most importantly, I dreamed about my whole life – it is my old age. Old age is no passion. You can live it any way I want” – shared Elena Proklova in the Studio talk show.