Close to the legendary hockey player Viktor Tolmachev talking about domestic violence

Близкие легендарного хоккеиста Виктора Толмачева заговорили о насилии в семье At the end of last week, the public was shocked by the circumstances of the death of the famous athlete. The body of Victor Tolmachev with multiple stab wounds was found in his apartment. The suspicion of investigators fell on the daughter of men Tatiana.
Близкие легендарного хоккеиста Виктора Толмачева заговорили о насилии в семье

On Sunday, the journalists reported that the former goalkeeper of the USSR hockey 78-year-old Victor Tolmachev was found dead in Moscow with traces of stab wounds. According to media reports, the main suspect in the crime is a 55-year-old daughter of the athlete Tatyana. As it turned out later, the man’s body had been in the apartment for a month and a half.

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case “against the resident’s capital in 1962,” but did not specify the names of the defendants. She was charged under article “Murder”. The investigation into the crime continues.

“According to investigators, an unidentified woman in a consequence of period of time, but not later than 22 September 2017, being with his father in the apartment of one of houses on the Open highway in the city of Moscow, struck him two blows with a knife in thorax area. From the received wounds the man 1939 year of birth has died on a place”, – was written on the website of the RF IC.
Близкие легендарного хоккеиста Виктора Толмачева заговорили о насилии в семье

Tuesday, September 26, in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” discussed the murder of Victor Tolmachev. Experts transfer tried to understand what could lead to the death of an athlete. Among the guests of the talk show was the ex-wife of hockey player Love Bychkov, who sounded the alarm when he stopped responding to calls.

“We don’t live together for 30 years. But we kept in touch, we also shared a daughter, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Last time we spoke a month and a half ago. Then more I said. He was going to go rest because he had diseased kidneys. Then when I called, the phone was busy. Apparently, the phone was just lying. At first I was worried. When the granddaughter went to visit, they found there already a team and officer,” said the woman.
Близкие легендарного хоккеиста Виктора Толмачева заговорили о насилии в семье

According to Bychkova, she has a very complicated relationship with her daughter. “She behaved badly. She lives near Ryazan came to retirement. Wanted to be prescribed in the apartment. And it was prescribed. All her life she worked and lived at my expense, at the expense of her husband… She’s an explosive, restless. Recently she wanted to issue guardianship over him because he was very ill. He had a suspicion of Parkinson’s disease and an aneurysm in the frontal lobe. But since she did until the end did not finish, abandoned,” – said Bychkov.

Victor Egorovich lived in a Studio apartment where recently renovated. The neighbors called the precinct, when he felt a sharp smell. “I was shocked when she calls daughter. Says, “Victor did.” I was in shock. And like daughter passed…” – said one of them. According to residents, he allegedly abused alcohol.

Близкие легендарного хоккеиста Виктора Толмачева заговорили о насилии в семье

Bychkova said that Tatiana very reluctant to contact with her father. In her youth, she didn’t listen to the parents and often left home. When the heir of the athlete became a mother and gave birth to Vic, she was seventeen. “We didn’t give her from the hospital. Said can’t give someone so young. My husband wrote a statement that will be educated. And he didn’t raise, left. And all this laid on me, because he knew that I am a responsible person”, – said the ex-wife of hockey player. Relatives suggest that the daughter might be upset with Viktor Egorovich.

“He certainly wanted to communicate with her daughter resisted. When we spoke with Jana (granddaughter Bychkova – Approx.) she said, “it looks Like revenge.” He promised to raise to help with Vika, and he left, and women loved him. This, of course, my assumption,” – said Bychkov.

Ex-wife Tolmachev also explained why I broke up with him. According to her, the hockey player had problems with alcohol. “I don’t consider his departure as a betrayal. When he retired from the sport, I supported him for a while. He drank, he just drank,” shared ex-lover of Victor Egorovich. Under pressure from experts Bychkov told about the fact that her husband was violent towards her.

“He drank all the time. After the match, after just came home and behaved badly. Hurt daughter, beat me, humiliated. Once she gave her daughter about the battery, she had a concussion. This was the reason for my divorce”, – said the ex-wife of hockey player.