Stepan Menshikov about divorce: “I was for Zhenya “reduced ticket” to Moscow”

Степан Меньщиков о разводе: «Я был для Жени «проходным билетом» в Москву» The star of “House-2” told about the breakup with his wife. Stepan Menshikov doesn’t want to put up with Eugenia and preparing for a new life. He now understands that he will have to work much more to support their children.
Степан Меньщиков о разводе: «Я был для Жени «проходным билетом» в Москву»

Last week it became known that the star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov broke up with his wife Eugenia. Fans were surprised by this change in the lives of their idols because they believed a great couple. Last summer, the lovers were married, and six months later they had a second child. Recently, however, Eugene gathered her things and moved out of the shared apartment with the children.

“Jack decided to live without me. She wants to live without me. I’m tired of saying: “What are you doing – two small children, who need you? Now during a time of crisis – and I tight as an artist, more children to feed. Who will contain you.” Of course I will help, but I don’t. Together it is easier to live. Such clashes happen all the time – as the economy sags, so I’m bad. Well, can not be forced. I was just in a passing ticket to Moscow,” said Stepan with “StarHit”.

Now the man is trying to earn more money, and therefore looking for additional orders for events. He realizes that his spending will increase significantly. “I recently gave the Wife 20 thousand rubles – it’s all the money I earned. But she still took our mutual friends. I rented for seven years apartment for $ 1,000 per month. And now I had to abandon it and choose housing in a smaller area,” admitted Menshikov.

Wife of Stepan Menschikova huddled with children in a Studio apartment

While Stepan and Eugene has not filed for divorce as the man has only recently returned from Sochi, where he went to work. Despite the turmoil in his personal life, he was not discouraged. In his opinion, it is in these difficult moments, his body is mobilized and adjust to change.

The fans hope that the pair would still be able to establish a relationship – after all, they’ve argued more than once, and then forgive each other’s resentment. Stepan not mind if Evgenia will be a worthy suitor. The main thing for him that the man was good to the children. Menshikov himself does not think that they will be able to return with his wife the former love.

“I need a woman that loves and supports all of my manifestations and endeavors,” – said the star of “House-2”.