На Тимати и Егора Крида завели дело после выходки в центре Москвы
Spontaneous concert on the Big Dmitrovka has led to tragic consequences.

Timothy and Egor Krid

Photo: Instagram

Timothy and Egor Krid
will be severely punished for an impromptu concert they gave in
the center of Moscow at the end of June. July 12, police Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Nikitin said
member of the Public Council under research Affairs of Russia in Moscow Alexander Kamenskomu,
he took personal control of the case in which “citizens Yunusov and
Bulatkin are charged under several articles of the administrative code”. The statement was made in
the presence of the chief of the Moscow police the General-major Sergey Plaha.

Perhaps the rappers
so like noisy spectacular party at this time will not be able to reach
dry out of the water. Before that, musicians were instructed to come to the district for
give explanations about the violation of the tranquility of citizens and blocking traffic
on the Big Dmitrovka. It became known that on July 12 against Yunusova and
V Management of traffic police GU MVD of Russia in Moscow was also prosecuted,
misleading Dni.Ru with reference to own source in law enforcement

We will remind, on June 21 in Moscow, the artists staged
an impromptu show in the middle of Bolshaya Dmitrovka, where earlier in the evening Timothy
opened a beauty salon. The stars sang and danced on the roof of his car
gathering an impressive crowd of people. Fans surrounded the car, the drivers are already
not trying to start. A manifestation of people’s love for the label Black Star
interested member of the Public Council under research Affairs of Russia in Moscow
Alexander Kaminski. He turned to the head of capital traffic police and the chief of OMVD
Tver with a request to investigate the situation.

The expert noted that the celebrity has made several administrative
offenses for which they face a fine in the amount of 26 thousand rubles, or
administrative arrest up to 15 days, or compulsory work up to 100
hours. Simply put, it’s possible that soon fans will be able to see how
their idols sweep the streets or paint the bench on the very spot where we had
transport collapse.