Меган Маркл уже жалеет, что вышла замуж за принца Гарри?
The Duchess is not just to adapt to a new life.

Меган Маркл уже жалеет, что вышла замуж за принца Гарри?

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II


Meghan Markle, which is smaller than
two months ago, was the lawful wife of Prince Harry, it seems, is sad
still life. In any case, it is the impression made by her
the reaction to a quite innocent remark groupies.

Markle, who after the wedding with Harry, the Duchess of Sussex, during
joint visit with her husband to Ireland decided to mingle with the locals. One of the Irish girls admitted
Megan, that really misses his favorite episode, “Force majeure”, the star
which was Markle. Imagine the surprise the fans of the series when Megan’s
the answer quietly and sadly said: “I

Markle, who was the star of “Force majeure” seven
seasons, it was difficult to say goodbye to the series. Megan admitted that he loved his job, but when Harry made her
the proposal, she realized that she would not be able to combine the duties of a member of the Royal
family and acting career. In the end, the actress announced has completed its
career. Saying goodbye to colleagues, who became her second
family, Markle invited to their wedding in Windsor almost the entire crew
a group of “Force majeure”, including Patrick Adams, who played in the series her favorite.

Meanwhile, to adapt to the new
life in the Palace it was not as easy as she expected. Now, when
subsided universal enthusiasm about Megan, she slowly
begin to criticize. Markle has many times accused of violating the written and unwritten
the rules of etiquette. She appears on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the
parade too open dress, which is considered extremely
unwanted in the presence of the Queen. There has already been another event, near Elizabeth,
involuntarily pushing older relatives of the monarch. Sometimes the Princess allows herself to sit
“foot to foot”, sitting next to the Queen, which is a gross violation

Even the outfit and hair
Megan on the day of her triumph — the wedding
Harry — has been criticized. So, designer Emilia Wickstead said that a wedding
dress created for the Duchess of Givenchy, copied from one of the
clothes her own collection. But Wixted not stopped. “If you
choose a dress laconic style, it
it should, at least, to be fitting perfectly. And the dress Megan
sat on it frankly bad!” —continued Wixted. And then Emilia
“walked” and even the hair Markle. “Really it was impossible to comb my hair
properly, it is the Royal wedding!!!” — sarcastically remarked Wixted. And
Megan, although she is trying hard not to show that he feels
wounded, not easy to endure such attacks…

Frame from the series “Force majeure”. Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams

Photo: Kinopoisk