Наталья Водянова с дочкой выглядят как сестры
Neva and her famous mother is wearing the same swimwear.

Natalia Vodianova with her daughter Neva

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Vodianova arrived in Moscow before the closing of the world Cup
2018 and bring the whole family. In the Russian capital a supermodel
inseparable with their children. For example, a morning workout in the pool Natalia
organized with 12-year-old daughter Neva. Vodianova shared with fans
the photo where she is depicted together with the charming young lady, and subscribers
microblog models gasped. Girls dressed in identical bathing suits, do not look
as mother and daughter but like sisters, and with a slight age difference!

“Oh, my gosh!
You like 15…”, “Fantastic! Just three teenagers!”, “Like
sisters!”, “And is it photo will say she is the mother of five children! Beauty!”,
“Natasha, well, not to look so young”, “God, it’s You! I thought
a teenage girl!” — members admired the perfect figure Vodianova.
“Who knows, Natalie something to eat at all?” asked the subscribers
wondering how the model manages to maintain a perfect figure after the birth
of five children.

By the way, Natalia holds the secret to your beauty
secret. It is a strict diet according to blood group, which the model
holds more than 10 years.

digestive problems from a young age: in my childhood I had an ulcer, and when I was 20
he had serious stomach problems. I have a fourth group, and I don’t need
severely limit themselves. Can eat meat, carbohydrates, fish. The main thing — to feel
measure”, — says Natalya.

A diet which adheres to a model that is
the fact that each blood group has its own permitted and prohibited products.
For example, the fourth group of blood, like Natalia, it is recommended that red
meat (except lamb), fish (except seafood), fruits (except sour), vegetables
(except peppers, corn and black olives), low-fat dairy products,
nuts, cereals (except buckwheat, wheat and corn) and olive oil. From drinks
the owners of the fourth group of blood is allowed to coffee, green tea and tea