Впервые за 90 лет Louis Vuitton выпустит коллекцию ароматов

Now fans of the brand can choose from seven exquisite perfumes.

Most of the major fashion houses offer their fans not only clothes and shoes, but also perfumes, and some even produce cosmetic collection. That Louis Vuitton decided not to lag behind colleagues.

The company reported that almost 90 years later they decided to bring back perfume line LV.

Recall that the first attempt was made in the 1940-ies, but the representatives of the brand decided not to continue the development of beauty lines.

A collection of seven fragrances were created by the best perfumers in the French Provence. The line includes air the scent of Rose des Vents, intoxicating Turbulences, burning passion Dans la Peau, breathable natural tenderness’apogée, candid Contre Moi, deep Matière Noire and exciting feelings Mille Feux. Collection Les parfums Louis Vuitton is positioned as a journey of the senses. In September, fans of LV will be able to purchase fragrances in stores at a price of about $ 240 per bottle.

The face of the advertising campaign was the actress Lea seydoux, best known for the film “Life Adele”, “beauty and the beast”, “007: Spectrum”.

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