Сколько калорий тратит за тренировку синхронистка Ищенко

Four-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming refers to the sport as work – hard, exhausting, but loved. Now her main goal is to win another gold at the Olympics in Rio, after which it may be important for itself the decision: to play sport or to go to coaching. And the son is happy Simon sister or brother.

— The girls on the team are working in a normal pace for us – nothing special not invent, because the training that we already have, allows us to achieve high results. But the approach to each individual athlete. And in terms of the food and regime. Personally, I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, then eat Breakfast. Around 8:00 begins the first training session in the pool, – says Natalya. — It lasts until 13:30-14:00. Then I have lunch and time to rest. 17:30-18:00 proceed to the second training session, which ends at 22:00-22:30. Overall spend in the water more than 10 hours a day. One workout lose about 2000 calories, so quietly arrange themselves snacking nuts, dried fruits. But the joy and pleasure it brings me chocolate milk or black. I love him very much! Not afraid to get better – the extra weight is burnt in the water itself.

Through sport, Natalie has recovered after giving birth just three months, and her figure was always trim and slim. Looking at her, beautiful, light and plastic synchronized swimmers, parents wish for daughters about a similar career, not thinking of what’s behind it.

— We are the leaders and have to look perfect, because to us particularly close attention. And competition in our sport is high. Every victory of the national team in synchronized swimming and personally each of the athletes is a big job. And not only her, but also parents, coaches, doctors, massage therapists. The girls need to be prepared for the long hours stay in the water, enormous physical stress, harsh discipline, and injuries that accompany professional athletes. I also had a broken rib, – says Natalia.

Known fact: at the Olympic games in London, she caught a cold in the cold pool and played with a temperature of 38 degrees.

Many famous mothers honestly admit that they have absolutely no time for children. They grow up with grandmothers and nannies.

Sport is hard work, but it does not interfere with my personal life. My husband and I have a full family. We are raising a two year old son Seeds. Although because of congestion it is necessary to resort to the help of a nanny, I have time to take your child for a walk or read him a book at night, ” says three-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Natalia Ishchenko. – Simon we call him without a tribute to the family tradition, fashion or in someone’s honor. Just my husband liked that name.

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While I was pregnant, spent a lot of time in the water, slowly swam his pleasure almost to the birth. Maybe that’s why felt good and comfortable. Before giving birth I gained 17 kg, but they are three months gone – anything to not do that. All pregnancy my husband really took care of, and when I gave birth, worried and nervous in the hallway of the perinatal center, probably more than I do. But it was a happiness and joy to see our baby and then to hear his first word “Mama”!

About the appearance of SEMA, the light reminds me of the ring – a gift from her husband. Now the son speaks well, and he has his own interests. Loves to draw and play machines. My husband and want him involved in sports, whether professional or for self-development and health, so begin to learn what it can attract. Ask, “Sam, what are you going to play when you grow up, in football or in hockey?” And he says: “I’ll play cars!” So be sure to bring him from Brazil machine. Son rooting for me at home – with dad watching TV. Support me at the Olympics my favorite mommy Irina. Really want a son to be proud of me, and hope for our victory, because for this there is a great effort of a large team of athletes, coaches, medical staff, massage therapists.

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