For that shot the Dima Bilan?

За что стреляли в Диму Билана? The artist was aware of the danger, but still took risks. In the mid-90’s Dima Bilan had built gliders, and was stealing tomatoes from the fields. A friend of the musician told which alterations they fell and why she had many years to deceive him.

      За что стреляли в Диму Билана?

      Mentor of “the Voice” on December 24, turns 35. The occasion will mark the singer on stage – Bilan toured with the jubilee tour “35 Indivisible.” On the eve of important dates Dima visited the Kabardino-Balkarian town of Maisky near Nalchik. There 10 years old he went to music school and graduated in the class of accordion. During one of the classes, where he met Olga Veretelnik four years younger than him – guys became friends and still maintained a close relationship.

      “In may we flew together, – says Olga. – Dima has performed in Nalchik at a charity concert. Invited me to join him – say, remember the past, go to our schools – both regular and musical. Went to home of parents of Dima. He’s already rebuilt, but still recognizable. This house is now, of course, a local landmark. While he stood at the cottage in my thoughts, I walked past some girl. She stopped, recognized him, they chatted for about ten minutes. Dima always has been – without a star in the forehead. – Perhaps that is why it is so loved by the fans – feel that he is a simple guy, though famous.”

      Or I’ll shoot!

      “We grew up in a time when there was no Internet, – continues Olga. – To call to walk, had to go for each other rather than calling, as it is now – this was a very special romance. Entertainment was also up. For example, the boys were then the fashion to build aircraft. Dima she, too, was not spared. In the district there were many low houses, and the boys had the thought to climb on one of them with a hang glider and… off. Next to the school where we studied was an extension to the sports hall that we with Dima and was chosen as “the runway”. The plane he made out of improvised means…
      За что стреляли в Диму Билана?

      …At that time his family lived in the apartment, while the father himself built the house. Dima often helped my father, even put one of the walls. That was for the boards, nails, plywood, – Dima and made a hang glider with a size somewhere half a meter by half a meter. It took him a couple of days. When the aircraft was ready, Dima invited some friends, including me, to the Annex, climbed on her, as it should have accelerated and launched his brainchild. With bated breath we watched as the glider flew three meters… and with a crash dived. But I know he is very upset. Shrugged: “I’ll do it.” And went to pick up the pieces.

      За что стреляли в Диму Билана?

      In childhood, as now, Dima not sit still, he constantly sought adventure. At the age of eight years, before meeting me, he with the boys from the yard run hither and on the public fields in search of tomatoes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, grapes and apples. Usually these adventures ended successfully – the guys gathered pockets full production and satisfied returned home. But once the local guard, which had not been characterized by high vigilance, showed keen powers of observation. Fired a burst from the gun salt-five points a few boys – and Dima including. Hit him in the leg, fortunately not much. But this case does not discourage thieves hunting to eat other people’s fruit.”

      HELP ME

      За что стреляли в Диму Билана?

      As a child Dima helped me a lot by studying the notes they rewrite and then explain where to put hands when you sing in the choir. When at age 12 I had a choice, sports, or music, that Dima convinced me of the need to continue education. He and ordinary, not music school studied well. Three got very rarely, mostly fours and fives. Dima read a lot, always helped me with the essays. Remember, asked me to write a text on “the Attitude of Rodion Raskolnikov in the novel “Crime and punishment”. Held on to the last: to surrender the next morning, and I have not read a book start… Shared the problem with Dima, he immediately responded: “So, nothing to worry about. Is that what the plot…” And ten minutes told me the essence of the work. And then asks – what they say, think about the main character? I have to open his mouth did not, Dima is already probing questions, explains why Raskolnikov went on killing. So we are with him the essay I wrote”.

      “When we met, Dima told me that his birthday is December 24. “Me too,” I blurted out, keeping in mind that too of 24, she was born-I in September. But Dima immediately recorded this information in my head… My mom was working in a music school, comes the following on December 24 with hands full of candy: “This is you”. I was surprised – what? Mom explained that it was Dima, he showed up to her lesson and I passed on birthday. I said, was somehow embarrassed to admit that you have it in early autumn, so they took… So I was silent for several years, accepted gifts from Dima, listened to greetings on his special day. To be honest, it was nice that in the middle of everyday telling me how wonderful I am girl, so I long did not dare to disclose the fraud. When Dima was under twenty years old, and he lived in Moscow, I told the truth.”