Наследники Александра Цекало помогают нуждающимся Actor and producer said that his family decided to make donations. Alexander Tsekalo confessed that teaches children charity. The man reported that he and his children set aside time for a good cause on New year’s eve.

    Наследники Александра Цекало помогают нуждающимся

    From 1 November to 10 January of the following year held a charity Christmas event in support of children suffering from cancer. In this project the proceeds from the sale of the toys will be donated to the Fund “give life” under the patronage of famous Actresses Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun. Last year the action was joined by musician, actor, television presenter, screenwriter and producer Alexander Tsekalo.

    “Charity cannot be fragmented, it should be engaged, – has shared the actor. – It is not necessary to donate, you can bring some benefit to the extent where people can afford it. My wife Vika and their children also teach to do good deeds. They already pick up their toys in a special box for children that have no mom and dad. Now already sent gifts for the New year in shelters. The children were very concerned that Santa Claus can not get to the orphanage and volunteered to help.”

    New year Alexander will celebrate in a country house with family and friends. The company traditionally needs to convene large and noisy.

    “We stopped to sit at a festive table at 11 PM. After all, as is usually the case: at the New year’s cook the last time, and then later in the evening I try all the food, – says Alexander. In the end, you leave the table at 2 a.m. a man inside on a bed of herring under a fur coat resting the remnants of Olivier, the tops sprinkled with red caviar, appetizers, bread, salads and some dessert… And this entire tub of Christmas products goes to sleep. To avoid this, we decided to get together with friends we have in the country house at 12 noon. We have a forest nearby, you can walk, unable even to sleep a bit and at 7 PM have dinner. And the New year everything is fed and happy.”
    Наследники Александра Цекало помогают нуждающимся

    Under its charity Christmas tree in the store “ABC taste,” Alexander wished admitted that he has great creative hope in 2017-th year. “We plan to shoot the third season of “Major”, the second season of the series “Method” with Konstantin Khabensky, the TV series “the Trotsky,” admitted Tsekalo.