Eugene Feofilaktova suffers after a breakup with her husband

Евгения Феофилактова страдает после разрыва с мужем Ex-participant reality show hinted that she’s upset. Despite the fact that Jack shares in his images, in which her face lights up with a smile, she can’t hide the pain that she experienced after breaking up with Anton Gusev.

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova trying to hide the pain that she brought the gap to Anton Gusev. The woman is divided into frames, which looks carefree and smiling, while really tough on her. Eugene claims that her husband cheated on her, and apparently, Anton had other mistresses, except Victoria romanet. Feofilaktova spoke about the numerous infidelities Guseva

      By the way, the model emphasizes that it is not devoid of male attention. According to Feofilaktova, takes care of her of a wealthy admirer. An unknown admirer of Eugene even put her safety. In the microblog she often displays gifts that she presents to the businessman. However, under the last photo ex-member of “House-2” has left a sad signature.

      “Silly to say that all was forgotten. Just inverted the head. “You’ve ever loved? You wouldn’t believe I lived” – these lines Zhenya signed the frame with one of the parties.

      The fans decided to support a young woman in the comments to the post. “Jen, you will find even the best,” “Eugene, it’s only the beginning! And men always come back, I’m sure he’ll come crawling back!”, “It still hurts, when a devotee loved one,” “I admire you! Stay the same wise. He did not denigrating you stuff, just a reputation to earn!”, “Everything passes, this too shall pass! And the pain will be dulled. You are self-sufficient woman, all will be well. But Anton chose equal. You are sure to be happy!” – wrote the social network users.

      As admitted Evgenie, all the time she dedicates to Daniel, who recently turned four years old. According to the woman, Anton rarely sees the son, and the boy really misses him. Gusev otherwise commented on the situation in a conversation with “StarHit”. The entrepreneur said that Jack didn’t give him even the possibility to arrange a holiday to a child in honor of his birthday.

      According to Anton, he is ready to deal for the sake of Daniel was happy. “I have a son, so whatever happens, he needs, first and foremost, have something. I now say, “Probably, again will go to “the House-2″ look for love”. But for me it’s all in the past, now pay attention only to business,” said the young man.