Amber heard brings out johnny Depp

Эмбер Херд вывела из себя Джонни Деппа The actor asks the former wife of 100 thousand dollars. According to the lawyer of Depp, that’s how much the man spent on litigation with the chosen one. Besides, he was tired of rumors about their life together, which appear in the press.

      Johnny Depp and amber heard will meet again in court. Despite the fact that they are divorced, the former spouses have left a lot of claims against each other. According to the lawyer star pictures “pirates of the Caribbean”, the girl is the actor is 100 thousand dollars. This is the sum Depp spent on trial with her.

      Legal representative johnny explained that his client was not happy with the behavior of a former spouse. Hurd continues to inform the press information about some intimate moments of their life together. These rumors hurt the reputation of the actor.

      “She continues without the need to return to the question which was settled. Makes all paraded before the media in a desperate attempt to extend their fifteen minutes of fame,” said the lawyer of one of the foreign editions.

      Representatives of the amber believe otherwise. The lawyer of the actress I am sure that Depp behaves this way because he is not going smoothly formed in terms of career.

      “After a series of setbacks that befell his recent projects at the box office, I’m glad that johnny re-discovered his comedic talent, as evidenced by this step. In fact, this is another ridiculous attempt not to pay my client the money she owed. We are waiting for the court and the moment when we can donate funds for sick and needy women and children,” said the lawyer.

      By the way, Depp is not the only one who wants to get heard money. The producers of a new picture involving spectacular blonde trying to recover from her impressive compensation, which is ten million dollars. According to them, the actress sabotaged the shooting and refused to comply with the contract involving its participation in explicit scenes. The ex-wife of johnny Depp did not appear Nude and persuaded Director Matthew Cullen cut out all these images from the script of the film “London fields”.

      However, it seems the actress did not care litigation. Amber is enjoying a new novel. Recently the foreign tabloids reported that the star began to go out with model Cara Delevingne. According to correspondents of American journals, the girls moved closer on the background of emotional experiences after a messy break-UPS with former elected officials. The Western media discuss the novel amber heard and Cara Delevingne