На кого похожа дочь Кайли Дженнер?

20-year-old Kylie Jenner recently gave birth to her first child — a daughter Stormy, and already share some details of a new life in the status of the mother. Despite the fact that the pregnancy the star was hidden and did not show the rounded belly on the network, about little Stormy that wouldn’t mind talking with followers on Twitter.

На кого похожа дочь Кайли Дженнер?

Jenner is so happy at the birth of the baby that can not help looking a little Stormy. Kylie even told my twitter followers about who you look like her child. She did this by joining in a dialogue with one of them. The reader is asked Kylie how her daughter. “It is very similar to me in infancy,” responds the star in question is a subscriber and adds that looks at it literally all day.

Thanks to his father Kylie Jenner, Kathleen Jenner, you can see how Stormy would look like in a few months. Congratulating her daughter with the birth of a baby, the father posted on his instagram photo, which shows Kylie in infancy.

Recall that recently, it was reported that family members are happy to help the girl to cope with maternal responsibilities, but according to the insider is not enough. Kylie had hired a nanny to help her care for her daughter, even though it had previously assured the public that will cope without her.

“At first Kylie wanted Chris and sister helped her… Chris spent a lot of time in the apartment of his daughter, when she returned with the firstborn,” — said the insider.

The boyfriend of the younger sister of Kim Kardashian and the father of the newborn Stormy lives together with Kylie — the 25-year-old Travis Scott got his own place, a 40-minute drive from sweetheart.