During the construction stage for Kozlowski and the knights stole 45 million

При постройке сцены для Козловского и Боярской похитили 45 миллионов Maly drama theatre was in the center of the scandal. On Wednesday, the FSB arrested the persons who allegedly embezzled budget funds, intended for the design of the new stage of the cultural institutions which play Danila Kozlovsky and Liza Boyarskaya.

As journalists, in the Maly drama theater, which is the artistic Director Lev Dodin, stole 45 million rubles. The fraud was uncovered by law enforcement, in fact the incident a criminal case. About it the correspondent have told in Management of FSB across St.-Petersburg.

A number of the defendants, whose names were not called, were arrested on Wednesday. About what measure they choose, is not specified. According to journalists, this issue is resolved.

“A group of persons has been stolen and has not less than 45 million rubles allocated from the Federal budget on performance of works on designing of the new stage of Academic Maly drama theatre — theatre of Europe”, – stated in the message of the FSB.

Correspondents have addressed for comments to the representatives of the theater. Press Secretary MDT Elena Alexandrova said that the scandal has nothing to do with the cultural institution, and advised to address to those who engaged in construction.

Theater actors are not aware of the situation with plunder of budgetary funds in especially large size. Kseniya Rappoport and Anzhelika Nevolina, who had been asked for information, said they did not have the details of the incident. Artist Adrian Rostov said that he learned about the embezzlement from the media, and he hadn’t had before.

The sources, who wished to remain anonymous, shared that the money was spent on the design stage. According to insiders familiar with the investigation, suspected of embezzlement company “Stroysoyuz SV” and “M-Project”. Presumably, the representatives of the companies could spend the money to purchase luxury items – cars Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Lexus, as well as real estate. One of the defendants boasted in social networks photos of expensive cars, aircraft and yachts. The man did not hide love for a dear lifestyle.

Vladimir Medinsky told reporters that the investigation was initiated by the Ministry of culture. According to officials, fighting with contractors lasted for two years. Medina believes the case is “shared success” of their colleagues.

“Thank God that was not involved in theater, the responsibility will lie entirely on the contractor. We are a theatre completely withdrew from the strike,” – said Vladimir Medinsky.

Now works for the construction of the new stage of the MDT involved in the company “Transept groups”, 75% of which is owned by Boris Rotenberg. They are expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Prepared according to the TV channel “78”, TASS, RBK and Interfax.