Victoria romanet accused Feofilaktovu in the collapse of the family

Виктория Романец обвинила Феофилактову в крахе семьи Ex-member of telestroke explained why Anton was not happy with Eugene. According to Romanets, ex-wife of Gusev did not do anything to save the relationship with your husband, that’s why he often didn’t come home.
Виктория Романец обвинила Феофилактову в крахе семьи

When the marriage Feofilaktova Evgenia and Anton Gusev broke up, many fans of the project “Dom-2” has accused Victoria romanet was that she provoked the discord in the relationship of the couple. Then the girl publicly stated: she started Dating a young man, when it was already filed for divorce. Now, however, Victoria decided to open the truth. Ex-participant reality show said that he joined intimnoy relationship with Anton, when he lived with Eugene.

“Before you start a relationship with Anton, I first made sure that no feelings TS it to Evgenia, in addition to habits, long gone. Would never meet up with a married man, knowing that he will not leave the family,” said Vic.

Besides, Eugene has experienced when Anton came home at three or four in the morning, and sometimes never come. First, Vick spoke with the man, as a friend, but then he offered her a new format of relations.

“Then he admitted that he finally parted with his wife, and offered to move to another stage of relations. I won’t lie; there was no doubt that during the divorce he tried to establish with his wife’s relations, but I accepted it. I know not everyone can move quickly – I myself after breaking up another long conversation with Cherkasov. But when Anton decided to be together, it just did not make a secret of it and especially to hide. Though in fact the stamp in his passport was still standing,” said Romanets.

Current wife Gusev believes that Jack did not pay attention to her husband. Probably Feofilaktova wanted her husband was more successful. “Eugene was lying in bed with him and listened to mantra to attract oligarch looking for a job online at the jobs of “assistant Deputy”, and going into the light, thrust out his chest to attract men’s attention,” said Victoria edition Dom2Life.

Recall that about parting Feofilaktova and Gusev became known in November 2016. About the disorder in the family of Yevgeny and Anton said in microblogs. According to former participants “House-2”, they no longer lived together. Star telestroke also said that especially did not share this news because I want to move this period.