After leaving the theatre Karina Mishulina found a new job

После увольнения из театра Карина Мишулина нашла новую работу
Daughter Spartaka Mishulina teaches new role.

It’s been a week after the theatre “Satire” broke its contract with Carina of Mishulin, and the actress has already found a new job. Now it can be seen in antrepriznyh performances, the names of which, however, Karina is still not open. She has only two days to learn the role and to be part of the troupe. This is a tremendous amount of work with which to handle not every! But Karina, as already understood by the whole country, not afraid of difficulties, perseverance and determination, it does not hold.

“No matter what life goes on! — says the actress. — And this may be just the beginning! And we must move forward and hope for the best! February 23, I enter into the show, very excited. The role of a big, interesting, wonderful partners! In General, a gift for the actor! Hope does not disappoint the viewer and will be able to create an interesting image. Teach the text,preparing for the premiere!”

We will remind, “removed” Michelino because of the scandal with Timur Yeremeyev. The theater’s management felt that the behavior of the actress on TV is bad not only on his father’s memory, but also on the reputation of the theatre. According to insider information, Karin and her mother are not allowed behind the scenes of “Satire”.

Soon on the First channel will be shown on another program, dedicated to the scandal that arose after the publication in the magazine “Caravan of stories” story of an actor Timur Eremeeva that he is the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. The program was attended by Alexander Dobrynin, who worked in 1970-1980th years the organizer of tours in Yakutia. He was personally acquainted with many artists, including the Theatre of Satire, and with Spartak Mishulin even friends. Before the filming of the program Dobrynin came in touch with journalists

“Spartacus once said that Valentine’s wife learned about the illegitimate son and his mother. And, according to Mishulina, promised, if ever they will announce their relationship with Mishulin, she “would kill both of them.” The phrase I remember. Repeat, Spartak said his wife is capable of many things”.

The truth of these words proves the war, announced that Timur the widow and daughter of national artist.