Foot: how stars treat the help

К ноге: как звезды обращаются с прислугой Charlize Theron doesn’t talk to subordinates, and Lady Gaga requires that the assistant was warming her bed. Celebrities have a creative approach to the task of making the lives of assistants to hell. Many of them, after parting with well-known employers in a hurry to share experiences with the public.
К ноге: как звезды обращаются с прислугой

Ex-assistant of Lady Gaga Jennifer O’neill told that the song was forced to share with the singer the room and sleep in the same bed, because that is fundamentally not sleeping alone.

“She could Wake me up in the night to switch on the video player for the movie that she was tired,” complained Jennifer. Sometimes the assistant had the duty to pull the star the water in the toilet, if the drain worked poorly or the singer was not able to find the right button.

“She demanded that I be available round the clock, – said Jennifer. – I was not supposed to no weekends, no lunch breaks, no personal time and space.” After 13 months of this “sweet” life assistant resigned, and in December 2012 filed for the singer to court claiming damages of $390 000 for overtime work.

“The rat decided that being a slave of the Queen of the Universe was beneath her,’ replied Lady Gaga. I’m not going to pay her the money she didn’t deserve it. You need to work for the privilege of wearing dresses out of my closet to use my credit cards to travel the world in private jets and drink champagne with caviar at private parties”.

However, in October 2013, Lady Gaga agreed to pay Jennifer the required amount. A year later, the former assistant signed a publishing contract for a book about his misadventures that bring her a million dollars.

Difficult to work with and Madonna. The servants in the house of the singer is forced to sit on a strict diet and do without the TV. In addition, any of the assistants, came under the hot hand, can go to wash the toilets.

К ноге: как звезды обращаются с прислугой“Madonna is obsessed with cleanliness, said the former employee. – Before to go to the bathroom, she sent back the man in surgical gloves and mask, arming it with the Purell”.

In the list of requirements for a personal assistant Madonna is the ability to go without sleep. It needs six times a night to bring the singer a bottle of mineral water. For all the suffering star tight-fisted pays twice less than her colleagues.

Singer Mariah Carey complicate even the most simple of manipulation. The assistants had occasion to remove the shoes from her tired feet, after a while to put them back on and then go to Mariah backwards to catch her if she starts to fall. They are not surprised by requests to undress a star … or wash it and run out and get cookies at three in the morning. Sometimes the singer asks to hold a can of soda while she’s drinking through a straw.


Difficult relationships Mariah Carey babysitters twins Monroe and Moroccan. Once maternal jealousy even brought the star to court. Babysitter Simonetta da Costa for the reimbursement of overtime for 100-hour work week and stated that the reason for her dismissal was… excessive devotion to children. Supposedly, Mariah told her that “the twins have ceased to understand who their real mother.”

From Charlize Theron too strict rules: when the actress at home, her servant walks in silence, looking strictly at the floor because looking at Charlize or talking to her is prohibited. Exception is not done even for the nanny of her two foster children. If the nanny wants to tell something to your boss, share successes kids or ask a question regarding the particulars of their upbringing, she needs to write it in a diary, leave it in an agreed place and in the same way to obtain the answer.

К ноге: как звезды обращаются с прислугой

But Babysitting, working for Beyonce, must be able… to dance and to maintain composure in ridiculous situations. The singer demands that each learned the choreography from her video for the song Single Ladies played the number for baby blue ivy every time a girl you need to entertain. Flash dance-erotic etude played decently clad women in the street or the store is really able to cheer up anyone.

К ноге: как звезды обращаются с прислугой


If someone thought that stars a male to work easier and more enjoyable it is misleading. In 2012, Harrison Chung, former press agent for actor Christian bale, has written a book about the strangeness of his client. To make this Harrison advised the psychiatrist who treated the boy for post-traumatic stress. When Christian left for shooting, Chung had to work as a zoo Keeper to take care of five Pets of the actor and the crowd of stray possums who settled in the backyard of the mansion.

In gratitude to a potentially rabid animal bite Harrison, and happily crapped anywhere. Chun accompanied the actor at the ceremony, but sometimes it became even more humiliated, the opossums. If Christian was out of clean socks, Chung had headlong rush to the store, and before going on the red carpet, the actor asked… to smell his armpits and report back if it smells like anything but deodorant.