Lady Gaga lost a dear friend

Леди Гага потеряла близкую подругу

Till death do them part. Lady Gaga lost a dear friend Sonia Durham, who died after a long battle with cancer 4th stage. This was announced by Sony husband Andre Dubois on his page in the social network. The widower said that his wife died “quietly and peacefully” in their home.

Леди Гага потеряла близкую подругу
31-year-old singer and the deceased were friends for almost ten years, and the song “Grigio Girls”, included in last album of Lady Gaga, she is dedicated to Sonya.
“My beautiful friend Sonya, one of the best people in this world, who was with me in my 23 years, suffers from cancer. She has metastases in the lungs and brain. It is 4th stage cancer. It is very difficult. It is impossible to find words it is impossible to observe how it fades. I love her very much, and it’s very important to continue treatment and did not give up. We need to find a way out..
I wrote a song about her. It’s about how me and my friends having fun, and how I cry when she’s not around, because we very much love her. We are stronger with her,” said Lady Gaga in an interview last year.
On the eve of the death of the girlfriend, probably, aware of his impending death or in anticipation of it, Gaga was published on his page in social networks joint photo of Sonia and her husband. In the legend, the singer admitted how much courage and strength I saw in her friend, and how she inspires her positive even in such a difficult situation.

“Thank you, Sonia, that inspire us with their fun. I love you so much and I brings tears even the memory of how much time we spent behind the scenes, taking care of each other. You’re one of the kindest people and I am so proud of you. Your relationship with Andre is such a sincere and pure as life itself. I want to share this with the world so they could see what real beauty is. I love you, girl. So much love,” wrote Gaga.