Поправившаяся Ирина Дубцова избегает фотокамер The singer during a holiday violated the diet. Irina Dubtsova admitted that being in Italy, and the Maldives, allowed themselves to local specialties that have high calorie content. In the end, the singer allows you to shoot yourself in the swimsuit only from afar.

Popular singer Irina Dubtsova, the first three weeks of may was spent outside of the country. As you know, the singer suffers from a severe form of Allergy on flowering of birch and the time always goes to safe for your health. In may, Irina Dubtsova visited in Turkey, in Italy and enjoy a holiday in the Maldives. Irina Dubtsova has forced fans to discuss her Breasts

During the stay abroad the singer, who usually strictly watching their weight, allowed myself to relax and to break the habitual diet. As a result, the Irina hinted that gained extra pounds. So even the final shot in the Maldives, which she published in Instagram, was taken from afar, very picky citizens were unable to consider.

“Week of Italian food and the week Maldivian curry is not allowed to take pictures closer, with her usual irony has signed the Dubtsova. – Well, in Moscow I was waiting for meals in which perfect balance of the right foods and caloric content. They say summer is coming”.

Fans of Irina Dubtsova immediately pelted her with compliments. They claim that the singer is in perfect proportion, and she did not worry for a few recruited during the vacation pounds.

“The figure is gorgeous, you are very feminine. Beauty!”, “You’re so good, do not worry about the figure you’re cool even with a small flaw”, “Irina, you only live once! So you can relax and the weight will go literally a week after I go to work!”, “Still, beautiful! A swimsuit will go,” “You are so beautiful in any shape! Eat health, as long as you want and can. It is a great happiness – a good appetite and good digestion. And the extra pounds is such bullshit”, “Ira, I know what you mean. She is eating more and large portions” – supported Irina Dubtsova her loyal fans.

It should be noted that in the Maldives with Irina rested her mother Natalie and son Artem. The perfect travel companion, apparently, after her divorce from her husband of Roman Chernitsyn the singer has not yet met. Dubtsova recently told me that at the moment her heart was taken, but she is experiencing some difficulties in the relationship with that person. Details of the singer decided not to share.

“Yes, I often sing about love, but married until the second time not going, I’m not 90 years old, still have time! I realized that my man should be my friend – that is the key to a strong relationship. Not passion, not great sex, not money. Friend. Now I love one man, but at the moment the status is: it’s complicated,” said the celebrity.