“Find herself a husband”: the advice of Pavel Rakova, how to find love

«Сама ищи себе мужа»: советы Павла Ракова, как обрести любовь The famous author of books about relationships introduced with the female above. Paul Rakov said, what is the strength of the girls and told about the rules of conduct at the beginning of the novel, as well as in family life.
«Сама ищи себе мужа»: советы Павла Ракова, как обрести любовь

Since childhood, all of my friends for some reason thought that I will be married 25 years. Until the next birthday was exactly a month to the wedding, not even a hint. “Not born beautiful, and born active, more become active – find myself a husband” – taught the heroine of the legendary Tatiana Vasilieva in the movie “the Most charming and attractive”. I, the editor of the site starhit.ru Elena Polyakova, decided to follow this advice and went for training Paul Rakova “Such a mother can’t teach” and understand what actions to take to successfully get married.

As it turned out, with the same thoughts in the concert hall “Russia” rushed three thousand girls. Some came to hear a famous coach and author of books on the psychology of relationships from different cities of Russia and even from foreign countries. However, all had one thing in common – the desire to please men, and most importantly – to have fun.

The first rule that was taught to us Paul A., – the girl always have to flirt to be interesting man. And no matter you met the person or just live in a marriage for several decades.

After a short introductory part the participants of the training had to do the task – call men under various pretexts. The coach tried to introduce a whole room into a state of courage that each girl was able to relax and allow yourself a bit of innocent fun – dial of his friend and strike up a short, non-committal conversation. For many women, this task seemed almost impossible. Despite the fact that the most daring immediately started looking in the phone book the numbers of boys, some not even tried to contact someone from your entourage.

For Rakova this situation was not surprising. He explained that don’t get too serious about the relationship – because this is a game, however, also necessary to by the rules. He tried to convince a huge number of girls in the room – his job of a phone call there is nothing wrong. Men will only be nice to talk to a girl who asks nothing and anything he accuses. According to Pavel, this is an active position in life. However, it is important to learn to distinguish from compulsions.

“If you do not rings, so he’s not much interested in you. If you show the initiative, perhaps something will come of it, but later it will probably be to avoid these the relationship, because he is not he – said Cancers “StarHit”. – You have the right to one phone call. Need to invent a reason – to thank, to learn something, ask. Just don’t ask about the meeting, speak briefly. But you have to call the “state girl”. If he doesn’t call back, so not your man. Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with the largest possible number of candidates and choose the one”.

Also a lot of attention Pavel Alexandrovich devoted and loving yourself. Every girl should be confident in their own uniqueness, which men read from. Don’t focus on some weaknesses, trying in every way to hide, and to focus on the merits – to emphasize them.

“The most important thing in a girl is kindness, love, self-appreciation and confidence. If all of this is, the man will give expensive gifts and care. It is important for us that the good that we do not die inside of the girl, and passed on, – revealed the secrets of Pavel. – Why many wives of wealthy people organize charity events? They are trying to do a good deed, to help someone. But kindness is not just material.”

The author of numerous books on the psychology of relationships drew attention to the fact that many girls commit a common mistake is taking a passive stance and waiting for action from men. According to him, often, ladies are afraid to be rejected, and therefore hesitate to ask for something and forget about your own boundaries. However, the confidence in my actions and gratitude is perceived positively.

Paul Rakov believes that a successful relationship is similar to a good organization, where clearly defined roles, and everyone understands who is responsible for what. In his opinion, girls should not hesitate to say what they want to date and be open to creative suggestions.

“Let’s take a classic example – the man responsible for the wealth and the woman behind entertainment. The man makes an appointment, pays all expenses, but after you have create a romantic atmosphere. When the girl asked: “What are we going to do?” she gave up on relationships. Some do not even call anymore. You can give instructions like: I want somewhere in the city centre in a beautiful location for lunch, dinner or snack. I offer many original scheme, for example, a date on the treadmill. What is important is the health of the girl – if after the first round ran does not get tired, begin to respect,” admitted Cancers.

During the training women of different age and marital status and shared experiences from completed jobs. As it turned out, men, really, it was nice to hear a woman’s voice. Despite the fact that the conversation, in fact, not carrying any meaning, no one threw up. Some participants of the training told me that after so unexpected a call to men on dates, those who are called colleagues, enlisted the help, although it didn’t even ask. Overall, each of us got a huge boost of energy and skills that girls often forget in dealing with the opposite sex. Well, I’m still holding a glimmer of hope that the prophecy will be fulfilled and for the remaining month of my 25th anniversary I will meet a beloved person with whom to spend close to a lifetime.