Romanet refuses to take her husband’s name because of Feofilaktova

Романец отказывается брать фамилию мужа из-за Феофилактовой The star of “House-2” told, why didn’t Guseva after the wedding. According to her, this happened because of the former wife of Anton, not wanting to change documents. Eugene Feofilaktova also commented on the situation.
Романец отказывается брать фамилию мужа из-за Феофилактовой

Recently Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev became husband and wife. Their secret wedding in the Maldives discussed the many fans of the scandalous project “Dom-2”. Some of them wondered why the girl decided not to change my surname after the marriage was formalized.

Victoria decided to clarify this issue and told why he stayed romanet. According to the girl, blame the previous spouse Anton Eugene Feofilaktova.

“The fact that the beloved first wife never changed her name, but promised to execute the documents. If one Guseva already there, I don’t want to be second,” said Victoria.

Fans were surprised by the words romanet, because Feofilaktova promised to regain the former name in the spring. The young woman thought that once she became famous under her maiden name after a divorce should I change the documents.

Some fans to infer that Eugene did not settle this formality from a son Daniel. They felt that a young woman wants to wear a different last name than her child.

Feofilaktova she hastened to clarify the situation. It turns out that she had execute all documents, as notified ex-husband.

“Immediately after the dissolution of the marriage, I said farewell, and with the name. So it’s not true, Anton knows about it, so I sent him a few pics of new documents. Let Vick quietly becomes Guseva,” said Eugene.

The ex-wife of Anton prefers not to comment on the new marriage men. A young woman now actively developing its business, is engaged in the upbringing of the child. Eugene does not apply to my personal life, but her fans believe that she’s not alone.

Romanet on the contrary strongly emphasizes how happy her lover. She often posts photos and talks about the celebration. After the conflict, held this summer, the future pair be called into question. However, Victoria and Anton found the strength to forgive each other and renew relationships.

Obayashi with the couple said that they are going to sign a marriage contract. “We have repeatedly had quarrels over financial issues. This is an excellent solution to the problem,” said the girl.