The young wife of Andrei Urgant told about his conflict with his son

Молодая супруга Андрея Урганта рассказала о его конфликтах с сыном Elena Ryazanova commented on the rumors of a rift in the family. The wife of the actor believes that Andrei and Ivan get along well. According to her, relatives rarely see each other due to the fact that we live in different cities.
Молодая супруга Андрея Урганта рассказала о его конфликтах с сыном

Andrey Urgant and Elena Romanova together for several years, but their relationship cause much discussion among fans. So, in the summer there were rumors of a parting of lovers, which denied the actor himself. After that the beloved star was accused of family conflicts.

Andrey Urgant spoke about the breakup with his young wife

In the press repeatedly appeared the news that Ivan Urgant has ceased to communicate with his father because his young passion. In the program “the Stars aligned” Elena decided to comment on the situation.

“In many media makes me the villain, where there are conflicts in the family. Especially often accused of war between Andrei and Ivan. Nothing there, don’t even know where rumors come from. We were recently at a performance of Vanya, everything went perfectly,” said the girl.

Andrey Urgant prefers not to discuss personal life. Instead, in the program the man spoke about a major operation that moved a few months ago. It turns out that the actor had a hip replacement. For many years he had experienced pain when walking, so surgery was inevitable.

Now the actor feels great. He spends all his free time with his young wife at a country dacha near St. Petersburg. Elena Romanov did not mind a thirty-year age difference with lover. However, she prefers not to discuss family business.

“I think the rumors about the bad relations of Andrey and Ivan arise from the fact that they rarely see each other. We live in St. Petersburg, and Ivan spends most of his time in Moscow,” has placed all points over “i” girl.

The pair is now engaged in furnishing the country house near St. Petersburg. The actor said that here grew up his son Ivan, so Urgant-the older it is so important to preserve the land and building in perfect condition.

Romance between Andrew and Helen started when she was a student at the University of culture and art. Urgant gave a few lectures at school, and after a few months she moved into his apartment. Recently, the actor even admitted that he is ready to be a father, but the final decision of this question will depend on the willingness Romanova. Urgant talked about addition to the family