Избранница Владислава Доронина поразила стройной фигурой после родов Model Kristina Romanova, who a few months ago for the first time became a mother, until recently, did not appear at social events. However, at the end of June the model again joined the Metropolitan elite. Fans Romanova admire her perfect form.

      Избранница Владислава Доронина поразила стройной фигурой после родов

      22-year-old model Kristina Romanova, who in February of this year became a mother for the first time out since the baby was born. In Instagram the girl published a photograph of a private party, which was attended by many other stars of show business, including Philip, Elena Volatile, Artem Korolev, Ani Lorak and Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

      Kristina Romanova amazed everyone who attended his slender figure. Satin wrap dress in a wine hue successfully highlighted all the advantages of the model. Your way Christine has added a miniature bag white color with a thin handle and a choker on the neck and fashionable sandals silver tones.

      Fans Romanova did not fail to give her compliments and marvel at what great shape is now a model. “You have gorgeous hair”, “Beauty”, “This elegant, Amazing, adorable you,” “Perfect,” they wrote in the comments to the pictures Christine.

      Избранница Владислава Доронина поразила стройной фигурой после родов

      Judging by microblog model, she was actively involved in sports, to reset accumulated after pregnancy pounds. Christina also previously admitted that she tries to eat less carbohydrates and never skip a workout.

      Избранница Владислава Доронина поразила стройной фигурой после родов

      We will remind that the Volgograd child model Kristina Romanova and 53-year-old oligarch Vladislav Doronin was born in a clinic in Miami. Entrepreneur carefully hides his personal life from outsiders, so other details about the heir of a billionaire, in particular, gender and baby name, is still unknown. That lovers become parents, it was possible to conclude, looking at the changing shape Romanova, photos which she shares in his microblog. If she had previously chosen to wear voluminous clothes, since February of this year, again began to show their forms. In addition, fans of Christina noticed that new photographs of her missing belly.

      Vladislav Doronin for the second time became a father

      That Doronin fiancee is pregnant, became known last summer. Then the model was published in social networks photo, which was visible in its small belly. Fans Romanova immediately realized that the girl is in an interesting position, because at work, Christine can’t gain weight.

      Vladislav Doronin and Kristina Romanova together for more than two years. With a young and charming mannequin tycoon started Dating several months after breaking up with Naomi Campbell.

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