Дмитрий Нагиев признался, кто его вторая половинка The entertainer posted a touching passage. Dmitriy Nagiev has unveiled the man who is practically a clone. Celebrity touching congratulated his half birthday.

      Дмитрий Нагиев признался, кто его вторая половинка

      Showman Dmitry Nagiyev revealed the secret that had been kept from the public. The actor admitted, who is his soul mate. As it turned out, that person Dmitry Nagiyev believes his own younger brother Eugene Nagiyev. Sincere feelings for a close relative, the popular television host admitted, congratulated him on his birthday. “There are friends and acquaintances, but I tell them, nothing Ty: “me and my brother on the ground all the same – two halves of a single “I”! Happy birthday, brother,” wrote Dmitry Nagiyev in the microblog, posting a picture of Eugene.

      It should be noted that such openness from a celebrity, no one expected, because Nagiev is known that does not like to disclose details of family life. Only recently he began to lift the veil of personal space, appearing in social networks.

      Дмитрий Нагиев признался, кто его вторая половинка

      Fans, but for the most part, fans of the entertainer, said that the brothers are very similar in appearance and are unable to resist the enthusiastic compliments to both men. Many of the subscribers Dmitry Nagiyev admitted that he had no idea that he has a brother.

      “Harvey – it’s you without makeup?”, “What a beauty! Basically, what I’m saying? Well this is the brother Nagiyev”, “Your mom had a dozen such men to give birth, she did well, according to you and brother”, “thought Dima changed something in the face. Very similar! The style similar”, “that’s what it means: the breed!”, such comments under the post Nagiyev leave of his followers.

      Both brothers, in addition, still and are in excellent physical shape. Recall that a recent photo of Dmitry Nagiyev shirtless and in short shorts have become real hits the Internet and just crazy fans of a brilliant showman. Shorts Dmitry Nagiyev made a lot of noise in the Network

      By the way, Eugene Nagiyev part of the demand from the fair sex from your brother is not far behind. Earlier in the press appeared information that the businessman and owner of a large car wash in Saint-Petersburg is very popular among women, but to all the ladies fighting back. Marital status Eugene is not known. But it is obvious that he is friendly with his brother Dmitri and nephew Kiril Nagiyev, who, by the way, the first confronted him, having published joint with uncle the in the microblog in January of this year.

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