The star of “Univer” Alex Lemar bought the shares of a large company

Звезда «Универа» Алексей Лемар купил акции крупной компании The actor became a shareholder, and dealt with the misunderstanding in the Bank. The role of the artist Gosha “Uni” Alex Lemar expects that in the future purchased their shares will increase significantly in price.

      Звезда «Универа» Алексей Лемар купил акции крупной компании

      In mass media appeared information that the Alexei Lemara hunted by collectors, because it cannot pay its debts, which had appeared after the organization of own business. The artist wrote a statement to the police and started the proceedings together with the Bank to find out who exactly come about data.

      “This whole situation is just outrageous, – shares with “StarHit” Alex Lemar. – Now there is a trial and I hope the people who staged this whole mess will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I will not allow anyone to Sully my reputation and intimidate my family, not having any rights. I just will not leave.”

      Alex is thankful to the Bank “Russian Standard” for responsiveness, support and genuine partnership, in resolving this misunderstanding.

      At the moment, Lemar intends to become a successful businessman. The actor conducts active negotiations with the President of the company, the Builder of Empires” Alexander Seregin about buying a 5% stake. This solution promises artist orgomnoe profit in the future.

      The envisaged shareholding in the amount of 5 000 pieces are preliminarily estimated at $ 1 million US. The price per share is 245 dollars. Over time, the price of securities will rise and Lemar will get considerable income.

      The Builder of Empires is a company that specializiruetsya on the development of modern IT-technologies, – shares with “StarHit” the President of the company Alexander Seregin. – By decision of the shareholders 50% of the company profits are spent on further development of the company and the employee, 50% – for dividends to stock owners. Second, the stock price is continuous stable growth. Introducing new technical solutions, increased number of customers and the geography of service. After some time, the value of the shares purchased today, increases several times. Thirdly, Alex, as the owner of a 5 percent stake has the right to participate to some extent in the management of the company.

      We will remind, Alexey already has a joint business with his wife Marina Lemar. Their project “LeMarSeminar” started two years ago. The first workshop was held last spring on 20 April on the Thai island of Koh Phangan, where the actor lived with his at the time girlfriend until I was filming. The cost of participation is $1500. The amount includes flights, accommodation at home-yoga Vagra Yoga Home, meals, excursions, visits to Thai herbal saunas, bathing with elephants, trekking through the wild jungle, cooking class, and yoga, meditation and the training of Alex and other professionals. Now the couple spend the summer seminars in Moscow LeMar Family Weekend in partnership with a fitness centre, premium X-fit. Details can be found on the website

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