Федор Смолов разбил в ДТП машину за девять миллионов рублей He had an accident during your stay in the Krasnodar region. Fyodor Smolov were not injured and the car badly broken. The athlete left the scene, leaving the car on the road.
Федор Смолов разбил в ДТП машину за девять миллионов рублей

Accidents involving footballer Fyodor Smolova occurred on the night of 1 August. He is now in Krasnodar. The accident occurred on the street Stavropol. The BMW M5 First Edition, which costs 9 million rubles, was badly damaged. Such machines only a few hundred worldwide. Vehicle at high speed flew off the road near the intersection with the street vishnjakovoj and demolished the fence. The car spun, but no one was hurt.

As you know, was driving Fyodor Smolov. The player is not injured, as the airbag has deployed. He left the car and left her on the roadway. The participant of road accident left the scene of the accident.

In law enforcement bodies confirmed the fact of road accident, but did not disclose details. In addition to BMW from Smolov is still a Lamborghini Aventador cost of 30 million rubles.

We will remind, Fedor Smolov plays for FC “Krasnodar”. He was recently elected to captain the team in the new season 2018/2019. Recently Smolov spent the hundredth match for “Krasnodar”. This year he also entered the national team of Russia and took part in the matches of the world Cup. However, in the last game against Croatia with Smolov it fails to convert his penalty. Russia has lost with the account 3:4. He had suffered greatly to that failure.

“Do not disavow responsibility for the penalty kick. I want to say only that in my head now the words of Michael Jordan, said after his retirement: “I am many thousands of times was taken to strike a decisive throw. And often not implemented”. I’m sure I will be able to extract much of this situation,” — noted then Smolov.

By the way, after the completion of the championship transfer value of a player has decreased from 16 million euros to 14. To regain strength, Smolov flew to Saint-Tropez, where the rest in the coolest clubs. “One of the disgruntled fans right in the night club trying to figure out a relationship with him, shouting the obscene. Fortunately, all went well. It is difficult to imagine how long the echoes of a Championship will haunt him,” said the eyewitness of those events.