Двухлетняя дочь Сергея Безрукова дебютировала в клипе отца The actor shared with fans a video clip, filmed in his new song with the participation of two-year Masha. Now Sergey Bezrukov regularly presents new songs and ready to release a full album in a group of “Godfather”.

“A talented person is talented in everything” – apparently, so decided the actor Sergei Bezrukov, who recently put together a musical group called “the Godfather”. But the artist does not only create songs, but also sings them. Probably in this he is assisted by his wife Anna matison, because it is a well – known Director.

Video for the song “we the planet” Bezrukov has decided to collect from the family archive, shot on a mobile phone. Main frames, of course, related to his two-year old daughter Maria. Previously, the couple tried to draw attention to the child and shunned publicity. But now they do not hide the faces of girls and decided to show it in the video, which will probably get a huge number of views.

“Summer song, summer video, summer sea and the summer Mary! Clip of the single “we the planet” to remove it seems like not planned, and then decided to share the mood, which happens from home filming! They are the most real, the most sincere. When there is nobody around, everything is filmed on a mobile. Maybe it’s not very professional, but the mood – the most it,” – he presented his work actor.

Fans were glad that they were able to see the idols in everyday life. Bezrukov thanked the fans for their sincere interest in his work. He even noticed the hype – a large number of downloading songs. “Thank you for the support and have a great weekend, vacations, holidays! Summer is in full swing, it’s time to go ahead and drive around the planet with good music in the playlist! I dedicate this song to all who are not afraid to be out of the dogma and rules that prevent us to live easily and lightly, enjoying each day. Unfortunately, the rules are so strong in our Land, no matter where we live, sometimes you want to fly to another planet! Joke”, – said the artist.

Bezrukov admitted that a long time ago wanted to do music, but for a long time I could not give the idea due consideration. And soon the actor and his wife will become parents for the second time at the end of may it became known that Anna matison is expecting a child.