Скончалась актриса сериала «Тайны следствия» The actress died in St. Petersburg. Lyudmila Glukhova has worked as artistic Director of the CDC “Krasnogvardeyskiy”. The audience she is known for roles in the TV series Streets of broken lights” and “Secrets of the investigation”. Second of August will be a farewell to the artist.
Скончалась актриса сериала «Тайны следствия»

29 Jul became known in Saint-Petersburg artist – 54-year-old Lyudmila Glukhova was the artistic Director of the CDC “Krasnogvardeyskiy”. This was reported on the website of cultural institutions, according to preliminary data, the cause of death was a stroke. Colleagues mourn the loss of the head, hundreds of fans bring their condolences to relatives of the actress.

“Thanks to the efforts of Lyudmila Borisovna has held hundreds of performances of our artists at different venues of St. Petersburg and other cities. Three teams have successfully performed abroad, winning awards of the highest dignity,” these words I remember the actress from her colleagues.

As it turned out, a few days before the death of Lyudmila Borisovna became a grandmother. Relatives were worried about her health, because she struggled with cancer.

Lyudmila Glukhova started to work in CDC “Krasnogvardeyskiy” six years ago. Many say that she was able to solve the most complex situations, well-built repertoire. “She’s extremely talented: we have always enjoyed in virtuoso jazz improvisation, her ability to compose poetry, her vivid stage images,” say her colleagues.

Ludmila B. was educated in Ulan-Ude, Eastern Siberian Academy of culture and arts, where he remained for future work – she taught stage speech. But the artist aspired to more, and therefore went to St. Petersburg, where he entered the state Academy of theatre arts.

In 2010, the year she starred in the series “Secrets of investigation”, where he played landlady Nadezhda Igorevna. Two years later, Glukhov appeared in “Streets of the broken lanterns”. The artist was the winner of the National theatrical award “the gold mask”.

Farewell to the actress will take place on the second of August in Saint-Petersburg.

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