Любимые водолазки Стива Джобса продадут за 1000 долларов

The family of the founder of the company “Apple” has exposed on auction of his belongings.

Steve jobs passed away in 2011 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. It’s been five years, but his name is not forgotten. Fans of the entrepreneur-inventor continue to admire the ideas of Steve and his lifestyle. The jobs ‘ family decided to help them get closer to Steve and put up for sale his things, including the legendary turtleneck that jobs wore.

As you know, jobs even though he was one of the richest people on the planet, but the luxury didn’t like. Almost all of the photos of Steve with public events and interviews look the same. They do not simply suits well-dressed in jeans, sneakers and a black turtleneck. This article of clothing was the founder of Apple favorite. Japanese designer Issey Miyake has created jobs for a hundred personalized Golf towel.

Today, fans of Steve a chance to become the owners favorite things businessman.

The jobs family gave for the auction his jeans, books, watches, keys, jackets and the legendary black socks.

Leather bomber put up for sale for 4000 dollars, and the price has risen to 5,500, exactly the same fans are willing to pay for his watch. $ 400 will cost a Bathrobe, and about 500-1000 dollars worth of turtlenecks and t-shirts Steve.

All bids are over 40 things that were used by the famous Steve jobs and they started a real fight.

Fans of Steve are willing to pay any money, because they believe that simple things can bring good luck.