Gagarin in the mini-dress made a splash on the “New wave”

Гагарина в мини-платье произвела фурор на «Новой волне»

The singer surprised fans with the choice of attire for the event…

Usually Pauline appears on stage in long dresses or pantsuits, but for competition in Sochi for the first time in many years decided to change his style and released in a super-short sparkly dress.

What inspired the artist to choose the revealing outfit, the sun and sea air or just in a good mood – who knows…

Your image of Gagarin added open bosonozhki heels and a choker to match the dress. But the makeup of the singer was decorated in muted pastel shades. The hairstyle was also quite restrained.

However, she has a beautiful figure and can afford any outfit. And the heat, which now stands in Sochi has come to reveal the body.

Today, we recall, took place the opening of the “New wave” in Sochi. The most discussed person at the event was its leading Ksenia Sobchak. Despite the seventh month of pregnancy the media personality arrived at the resort early in the morning to rehearse his scene, and then another, and entertained the guests until late evening. Read more HERE.