Luxury diaper: Kardashian daughter bought a bag for $2000

Роскошь с пеленок: Кардашьян купила дочке сумку за $2000

Baby North West is only three years old, and her wardrobe is the envy of any girl.

Kim Kardashian and her husband rapper Kanye West are both fans of expensive things and luxurious life. Whatever they did, all of them with an Imperial scale. And I think their daughter North the habit of bling went along with the genes with the most diapers.

Previously, foreign tabloids wrote that closet three year old baby is estimated at a million dollars. About as many caring parents descend on their clothes, which the baby instantly grows, but it is them has not confused. On the contrary, Kim and Kanye are only too happy to try to their daughter was the most fashionable, and last purchase.

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On the day Kim’s daughter went to the restaurant. As soon as the celebrity got out of the car, she was immediately photographed by paparazzi. On the neck of the baby was a fashionable choker, and on the knob North West sported a miniature handbag from the latest collection of Fendi. The cost of this accessory is $ 2,000, which, according to Kim, not too expensive.

The star principle is proud of how the North understands things. Recently, a girl tried on my mother’s thigh boots with metallic leather. Kim could not boast of this fact, immediately published a photo and wrote on Instagram: “never thought it would happen so soon… My daughter borrows my shoes. At least she has good taste”.

Do not be surprised if such appetites the girl will soon require diamonds and exclusive bags from Hermes. But the Kardashian family grows another mod – one-year-old St. West.

Even I wonder what male toys it will pamper dad. Immediately buy gold Porsche Cayenne or still wait until the boy is at least going to school?