Father Leonid Agutin brought to light a new love

Отец Леонида Агутина вывел в свет новую возлюбленную The man spoke about the feelings towards the mysterious blonde. Nikolai Agutin sure I can be happy near to the beloved. But to marry her he is not going, because behind the singer five failed marriages.
Отец Леонида Агутина вывел в свет новую возлюбленную

Nikolai Agutin can rightly wear the title of a modern don Giovanni. More recently, a man confessed his love to her neighbor Nina, whom he met immediately after his divorce from fourth wife. Now the father of the famous artist’s new passion.

The choice of Nikolai Petrovich refuses to communicate with journalists. But he Agutin Sr. decided to tell the representatives of the “You wouldn’t believe it!” of the beloved.

“She’s smart, shy. Even my son is jealous, says how lucky I am with Alla. She has a lot of talent, skills, which make the alloy a very interesting interlocutor,” said Nikolai Petrovich.
Отец Леонида Агутина вывел в свет новую возлюбленную

However, the man refuses to call the age of the beloved and its activities. Fans of the singer have suggested that a mysterious blonde woman not more than 50 years. By the way, the previous wife of Nikolai Petrovich was younger than him by almost half a century.

Agutin admits that he has bad luck in his personal life. At the moment the man was married five times, and after the last divorce I decided not to hurry with the official registration of marriage. According to Nikolai Petrovich, he’s happy and without a stamp in the passport.

“We are very familiar with for many years, but began Dating only recently. Now live together in my country home. She does not insist on the wedding, everyone understands. Yes, and I know from experience that the official registration of marriage is not the most important thing in life” – shared Agutin-senior.

The man noted that his victory was endorsed not only famous son but also a daughter from a previous marriage. Now members of the star family often gather together in a country house of Nikolai Petrovich, where I share news and joyful events.

Agutin-senior a long time are often missing, because he has many Affairs and creative activities. However, beloved is willing to put up with a busy schedule men. That is why the fight for a strong employment and utilization of a singer are rare.

According to Agutin Sr., he is now completely happy and not feel lonely. Alla understands when her partner needs the peace and quiet, and when he wants to communicate. Nikolai hopes that his novel will end with cooperative long-term happiness.