Kate Gordon Anastasia Volochkova has accused black PR

Катя Гордон обвинила Анастасию Волочкову в черном пиаре The lawyer said that the sex scandal involving ballerina was planned. In her opinion, Anastasia Volochkova thus dispelled rumors about his involvement in an escort service. The opinion of the Studio guests on this occasion were divided.
Катя Гордон обвинила Анастасию Волочкову в черном пиаре

Recently Anastasia was in the midst of a sex scandal. In the network appeared the pictures, which depicted a ballerina with a mysterious stranger during sex. It later emerged that the author is a businessman the red Bunkers.

Volochkova appeared in the program “the Stars aligned” to clarify the situation. According to ballerina, pictures really captured it, but the fact that they appear in free access angered the artist. That’s why she intends to sue former lover.

“For me, this man does not exist. There are things that can not be forgiven. I believe that forgiving betrayal is simply impossible. I’d be happy if they put him in jail, but the man must be punished,” said the star.

Many guests decided to protect Anastasia. So, Natalie Storm said that every person has the right to privacy, which is not to advertise. Supported Volochkova and presenter Lera Kudryavtseva.

However, counsel Kate Gordon not sided with the ballerina. According to a young woman, Anastasia was able to plan such PR in order to stop the spread unflattering rumors about her.

“I believe that there may be two versions of events. Either we are talking about some foolishness and frivolity, or planned action. Recently there were rumors, which, fortunately, was not confirmed that Nastya has sex for money. And then there is a completely unknown man, who in all the interviews says that it was sex not for money. So she could try to clear his reputation,” said Gordon.
Катя Гордон обвинила Анастасию Волочкову в черном пиаре

Such accusations have angered Volochkova. She noted that the reputation of Catherine also not perfect, and therefore, she has no right to judge her. The very same Gordon advised the dancer to change the pr Director, as her image in the eyes of the public is becoming increasingly controversial.

However, after the emergence of the Studio Chermen Zotova, categorical view of Catherine for the situation has changed. The fact that a former lover Volochkova was denied involvement in the scandal. The man is sure that the emergence of photos — the planned action against him. Moreover, files ex-fan of a ballerina was not in those photos.

“Now I don’t even know what to think. I was confused in all of this,” said Gordon.

Throughout the program Bunkers insisted on his version of events. At the end of the show he even agreed to be tested on a lie detector. The results surprised many viewers. It turned out, the photos really captured it, but it is likely that the man didn’t posted pictures. Moreover, with the help of the polygraph failed to dismiss the probability of a deliberate conspiracy for the sake of PR.

It is unknown how Volochkova will act on. However, previously the ballerina has established itself as a stubborn and principled man. She managed to arrest the driver deceived her, so in a situation with a sex scandal could go all the way.