Julia Kovalchuk showed his daughter’s room

Юлия Ковальчук показала комнату дочери Star designed the nursery in gray and pink tones. Julia Kovalchuk and her husband Alexey Chumakov has created for his successor a very quiet and cozy space. The baby, born in early October, growing in beauty and harmony.

Singer and TV presenter Yulia Kovalchuk showed fans of the room, which she and her husband Alexey Chumakov prepared for the birth of his daughter. Most likely until baby is in one room with their parents, which often happens with babies her age.

However, the design of the room clearly gives to understand that it was done by people who knew the sex of the child they have born. The interior is dominated by grey, pink and cream tones, creating a feeling of tranquility and harmony. One of the bedroom walls decorated with, made of, most likely, on some canvas. It shows different low hills stretching into the distance.

All the furniture in the room is also decorated in light colors. Separate words deserves the crib daughter pair. Made in the shape of a bassinet, it can be moved around the apartment is comfortable with wheels. In the bedroom there is a changing table and a comfortable chaise-lounge for the baby. Kovalchuk and Chumakov create for your daughter the best conditions, buying high-quality furniture expensive brands.

In the picture, Yulia Kovalchuk posted in the microblog, shows a soft carpet cream color. A young mother sits on it in front of her open laptop computer.

“Sunday! About now looks like my workplace! Nursed, fed, rocked, parallel to writing some new tunes, and breaks out,” – said the singer about your day a young mother.

Kovalchuk also said that have already returned the slenderness, noting that in this photo it is not visible. “By the way this t-shirt is a – hinting at the volumes, wrote the star. – I have returned to the form, this can then write, if you’re interested”.

Of course, fans of Yulia Kovalchuk asked her to show how she looks through more than a month after giving birth. “You’re a looker. Very interesting – be sure to share! And yet – how are you feeling after childbirth as childbirth, it is very interesting to compare your and your feeling”, “Julia, you look great! Happy! Beautiful!”, “Very original interior”, “you Have a beautiful baby!” – speak subscribers.