С отцом Андрея Мерзликина случилось несчастье A relative of the artist underwent a major surgery. Andrey Merzlikin said that the doctors were able to help daddy after compound fracture. The actor thanks God and health care professionals.
С отцом Андрея Мерзликина случилось несчастье

Actor Andrey Merzlikin has told fans that his father had an accident. An elderly man fell and hurt her hip. As a rule, in old age the consequences of such injuries can be very serious. However, the artist reported that there were specialists who carried out the necessary surgery on the joint of his relative. Since Andrew is away from home, he got on the phone with his father and held a video call.

“The most difficult is to relate humbly to trials and say a grateful word. Thank God for everything! My dad broke his hip. Second time in my life. In the same place. Not so long ago, it was a fatal diagnosis. Now doctors have learned to save the people caught in this difficult situation! The surgery went. The doctor said: “Success.” Father in Moscow. We are far away. But the important words “Thank God for all the” we can recite a prayer or with the help of modern phone capabilities. And support each other!” – said Andrew.

As a rule, doctors are doing hip replacement, replacing the damaged parts of the joint with artificial implants. Fans of the actor wish recovery.

“God will help! I sincerely wish to get well your dad”, “Patience! Forces!”, “Health, strength of spirit!” “All must be well, it’s scary when loved ones get into trouble, but we must always believe the best”, “we Support and wish a speedy amendment,” “Dad a speedy recovery and thank God for everything!” – wrote followers Merzlikina.

At the moment Andrew is resting with family in a warmer climate. The star of the film “Brest fortress” is located in Bulgaria. Last weekend, the artist dined in the company of Ludmilla Polinoj and Nikolai Karachentsov, who also vacation in the resort town of Sveti Vlas.

“Lyudmila Porgina told many amazing stories from their lives, stories of creation, stories of the “new” stage of life, the legendary Nikolai Petrovich Karachentseva. Discussed contemporary theatre, film, painting, raising children and grandchildren! Got the notion in his promotion of the play of Shukshin in Moscow… cherries, sweet cherries, tea and coffee, cake and pastries (Nikolai Petrovich turned out to be a sweet-tooth like me, however), best friends for such a midday conversation!” – shared his impressions Nikolai Merzlikin.