Ида Лоло и Владимир Кехман борются за недоношенную дочь The husband of socialite spoke about the difficulties his family faced. Vladimir Kekhman, together with his wife IDA are trying to do everything possible to avoid problems in the development of the crumbs. As it turned out, during the pregnancy there were complications.
Ида Лоло и Владимир Кехман борются за недоношенную дочь

Recently the public became aware that the Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre Vladimir Kekhman took a leave to care for a child. His wife – socialite IDA Lolo, had a baby girl in April of this year. However, lovers for a long time kept silence and did not share with the fans details the first months of life girls. The decision of the men to go on maternity leave colleagues and a theatre audience received a mixed reception.

But, apparently, such a measure was really necessary to the newly made father. He said that during pregnancy enough, there were complications. He also said that initially, the delivery was planned in Russia, but by coincidence, the lady had to go to a French clinic. The young woman decided to play it safe and check your health in a foreign medical center.

“And it literally was put on the conservation is a serious threat of miscarriage. And IDA did not leave the house, almost couldn’t get out of bed until March 28. She even gave a visa so she could stay in the hospital. The child was born to us prematurely, a little girl — two and a half pounds in weight, lost two hundred grams in a few days,” said Kekhman.

According to celebrity, little Anastasia he and his wife are raising themselves without babysitters. Perhaps that is why now all the free time man devotes to the heiress. Vladimir and IDA try to do everything possible to restore the health of the child. Third July baby will be three months, but has not received the required for kids her age a lot. “I repeat, the nurses we have. We are incredibly protect, vicorpower. Now she weighs 5 pounds,” – emphasizes Kekhman.

It is worth noting that prior to this, some media reported about the rather prolonged absence of Vladimir as Director. As it turned out, the exact timing has not yet been determined. While acting celebrity will Snezhana Lubar the former regional personnel Manager of the brewing company. About it reports the edition “Moscow member of the Komsomol”.

“For three years? It is pure and outright lie. I really am in holiday on care of the child, and officially, but only in the Novosibirsk theatre. The Ministry of culture and the Minister know, we agreed that this, of course, temporarily. I came to Russia at any moment can come,” – said Vladimir.