Олег Яковлев до «Иванушек» и карьерный взлет в составе группы Thursday morning was the former soloist of the popular group. The actor passed away at the age of 47 years. According to doctors, the cause of death was pulmonary edema. “StarHit” remembers how she developed a career musician.
Олег Яковлев до «Иванушек» и карьерный взлет в составе группы

Thursday morning was not Oleg Yakovlev, former soloist of the popular group “Ivanushki International”. The actor died of lung swallowed. A few days ago he was taken to the hospital with bilateral pneumonia. Last night he was connected to the lung, but doctors failed to save the singer. “StarHit” decided to recall the career Yakovlev. Died former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev

Riding a broom

Oleg Yakovlev was born in Mongolia in 1969 in the family of Zen enough and Muslim. The boy was baptized according to the Orthodox canons. After graduating from the first class Oleg with his family moved to the Soviet Union. His mother worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature. They settled in Angarsk, and then moved to Irkutsk. In school the teachers noticed that the child grows very creative. Oleg sang in the choir, played the piano, and also participated in theatrical productions. Having trained on a speciality “the actor of theatre of dolls” once I graduated from Irkutsk theatre school with honors, he went to conquer Moscow.

After moving to the capital, Oleg enrolled in the field course of Lyudmila Kasatkina. While studying at the University, Oleg started to work in the theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. He believes the famous actor, his “second father.”

Олег Яковлев до «Иванушек» и карьерный взлет в составе группы“I thank him for an excellent acting school. Once we arrived at the set, and he said to me: “the Door of my theatre’s always open for you”. I was so ashamed when I left the company, left the first set acting as if I betrayed him. But I decided that my calling is to sing,” said Yakovlev.

Celebrity remembered that we had a very small salary, so Dzhigarkhanyan sometimes have extra guys out of their money. At that time Oleg had no place to live, so he got a job as a janitor. In 90-e years the people who broke the street, isolated rooms. However, his neighbors could not get along there and moved out. So, Yakovlev was a tenant five-room apartment with an area of 300 metres.

“To me my friends came out of the theater, we roasted the potatoes and baking cakes. Quality pomelo, removed snezhochek and rode to rehearsal at 11 am. The only pleading was to no snowfall. In such cases I called my friends and asked for help, because in the evening I had the performance,” recalled the singer.

As told Oleg, he was even able to become a foreman, and he appeared subordinate to the wipers, which he ruled. “I was chief, I had the key, I gave them salt. Was a little tyrant,” – said the artist.

From actor to singers

Familiarity with the guys from the group “Ivanushki International” began with the filming of the clip “Doll”, where Oleg was invited as an actor. At that time, the trio has worked Igor Sorin, who left the group in March 1998. Yakovlev made an impression on producer Igor Matvienko, so it decided to approve the composition of the group. Many years later Oleg has repeatedly said that grateful. As stated by the artist, he is proud that they were able to break up friends.

“He’s a wonderful man, he’s just incredible. We have a very good, restrained, and very delicate, so I’d say somewhere in the very mystery of the family relationship. Because it allows me to perform repertoire “Simons”, it is generally rare. Usually when people break up with their producers, to composers, there are often complete bans. It happens that before the stabbing comes, war happens. And here very well” – recalled about working with Matviyenko Yakovlev.

When Oleg appeared in the “Ivanushki International”, he was often compared to Igor sorine. The fate of 28-year-old ex-soloist was tragic. Six months later, after the guy left, he fell from the window and died. Musicians gave him the record “I’ll never forget.”

Together with Yakovlev, the group released the hits “poplar fluff”, “Snegiri”, “drop light”, “Hopeless.ru”, “Golden clouds,” and in 1999 recorded the album “I’ll scream all night.”

In 2001 Oleg noticed Alla Pugacheva. Diva invited him to participate in the video “River tramvajchik”. The work on the video also participated Renata Litvinova.

“Alla Borisovna personally chose me for this role, but there I hardly anyone knows, because there I trimmed virtually bald, I’ve got my natural black hair. And when I say “Boat” I’ve learned that I’m blonde, variegated or whatever, and say: “come on! Is that you?” I really like this job. First, Alla endorsed my candidacy. Secondly, it is worthy, lovely partner Renata Litvinova. By the way, she’s in this clip really pregnant at 7 months. She said: “Oleg, well, don’t hug me so much. I’m pregnant,” said Yakovlev in a recent interview.

By the way, Oleg did not even make the fee for participation in the video. He explained to the Director of the artist, that he was glad to cooperate with Alla Borisovna.

In the early 2000s, talented blond of the group fell in love with the whole country. As recalled Yakovlev back then, they had the most desperate groupies who were willing to do anything for it to be near an idol. According to Oleg, some fans were waiting for them in the dressing room in sexy outfits and were ready to fulfill any desire.

Олег Яковлев до «Иванушек» и карьерный взлет в составе группы“The brightest years 1998-2000, the years when we played the greatest hits of those years. We could scratch you up after the concert, Amravati sleeves, worn hands and flip the car with us. Once the fans in St. Petersburg rocked a huge Mercedes bus, and he fell to the side. Thank God, with us, nothing happened, and we boarded another bus,” said Oleg.

Many fans believe that in 15 years of activity together with Oleg Yakovlev group “Ivanushki International” has achieved this recognition among fans. After leaving the group in 2013, the actor said that he was sure in advance in the career success as an independent artist.

“I think that in my solo creative way any obstacles will not. Many of my fans in social networks write to me that I did the right thing left that you need to think about yourself. It is necessary to take place, Oleg Yakovlev, and not as one of a trio of “Ivanushki”. I wish the “Simons” have a good one. I can also say that I was very amenable and TV and radio stations. I thought it would be difficult”, – confessed the actor.