Фанаты не узнают «перекошенную от пластики» Викторию Лопыреву
The model published a picture without photoshop.

Victoria Lopyreva

Photo: @lopyrevavika (Instagram Victoria Lopyreva)

Social media users were unpleasantly surprised by the fresh selfie Victoria Lopyreva where she poses in the dark sunglasses. In the picture of a blonde looks almost unrecognizable. Fans write about that, perhaps, model and TV presenter has suffered from bad plastic surgery. Others say that Lopyreva has chosen an unusual angle for the shot. Anyway not the best picture has already collected hundreds of reviews for the popular social network.

“Is this Victoria? What’s with the face?”, “Don’t know… the first picture without photoshop?”, “Very bad photo”, “my God, the lips… Why spoil their looks?”, “Twisted from plastics, it’s time to stop”, “Yeah, well… hot, and now?” “I can’t understand is Lopyreva? I think it’s another girl,” write Victoria.

Incidentally, the bride of Nikolai Baskov persistently denied that he had asked for help in the transformation to plastic surgeons. Lopyreva insists that has natural beauty, though fans have repeatedly questioned such statements of Victoria.

We will remind that last autumn, Basque and Lopyreva had planned to get a Grand wedding. But later, the celebration was postponed for an indefinite period, as the “natural blond” offended by accusations of “marriage for the sake of PR”.