«Позор!» Вера Сотникова закатила скандал в аэропорту
The actress says that employees of airlines have caused damage.

Vera Sotnikova

Photo: @Instagram sotnikova4141 Faith Sotnikovoy

Vera Sotnikova, like all artists, often use the services of airlines. Recently, the artist published in social networks claim to one of the carriers. As it turned out, recently at the airport of Volgograd happened to her unfortunate incident. Here’s what she wrote in social networks about the causes of the “shameful” ongoing scandal.

“I have demanded handbags, to place the meter in your hand Luggage! I’ve been told that it’s my bag! It’s not hand Luggage ! What a shift supervisor was told: “I’m the boss and I decide what to do!” On my refusal to give it into the hands of his bag, he threatened not to put me on a plane! Taking my hand Luggage and my bag-a backpack with rhinestones size 20-10-30 was literally to push the calibrator! He squeezed me expensive cosmetics, flew off the backpack rhinestones. But God is with her, with the makeup!

In all airports of the world know the differences hand Luggage from handbags and ask them to open it I can only on the inspection! They bags not even open! I already the third time facing this problem at the airport of Volgograd. The first time was at my mom’s in the hospital, then went to the cemetery had no time for anything… but I had a terrible aftertaste! My hometown makes people such mischief, indignant because not only I one! That’s like showing people who visited my country! Shame!”

We will remind that not so long ago scandal with another airline started Lyubov Uspenskaya. The singer was not allowed to Board the plane with a dog that has not been placed in the carrier. Then the singer allegedly attacked crew members with insults, and then was removed from the flight. At the same time, the actress insists that the hostess herself has prevented her to fulfill the conditions of transportation of animals on Board.