Fans of Yulia Kovalchuk confident in her pregnancy

Фанаты Юлии Ковальчук уверены в ее беременности The singer has given rise to heated discussions. Fans of Yulia Kovalchuk has noticed lately their favorite refused the photos in full growth. They believe that the reason for this is the interesting position of the actress.

Julia Kovalchuk always willing to share in his details of his life. It publishes sincere posts, which tells about travel, creative successes and relationships with her husband – Alexey Chumakov. Subscribers famous blondes have become accustomed to the frankness on her part. Recently, however, the attentive followers noticed the sudden change in appearance of a celebrity. They suggested that the star couple will soon become parents.

The last few weeks, the artist is really trying to avoid photo shoots in full growth. In her “Instagrame” began to appear frequently selfies and shots taken from behind. Perhaps this was the reason for the speculation community. Users of social networks have no doubt that the artist hides his position and will soon make them the happy news.

“You’ve changed! Even better steel! I think there’s why!”, “Who’s he already has, will immediately understand why you’ve become different!”, “Perhaps you can congratulate!” commented subscribers Kovalchuk one of her publications.

But Yulia still no official statements do not. However, she never hid the fact that he and Alex really want heirs. In one interview, a young woman spoke about her desire. It turned out that the star wants to become a mother at least two children, but does not know exactly when this will happen. According to her, the birth of children is a divine process, and nothing apart from the Universe it is not affected. The celebrity admitted that she and boyfriend don’t set yourself time limits and do not intend to resort to any artificial methods. Julia Kovalchuk did not know about the change Alexey Chumakov

Now the artist continues to work normally. For example, before the young woman announced in a microblog about the successful completion of filming a new music video. Probably don’t mind the fatigue and busy schedule. In addition, she always finds time to exercise and care for themselves. Yulia fans think their favorite has a beautiful appearance. By the way, this confident and soul mate of the blonde. At every opportunity he publicly praises his wife.