Полина Гагарина пожаловалась на трудности материнства The artist combines work and care for a newborn baby. Polina Gagarin, in April became a mother for the second time, have returned to active work as a singer. The singer told fans about their everyday lives.

At the end of April it became known that the singer Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time. The actress gave her husband Dmitry ishakova charming girl decided to call MIA. Happy wife can’t get enough of the baby. The singer did not stay too long on maternity leave – first she gave a concert, and then appeared at the premiere of the cartoon “Trio plumes” with her husband and son Andrew. Reporters noted that the star looks great.

Post-decree Polina Gagarina lit on stage

Recently, the artist decided to tell fans about how to pass her days. Polina combines care of the child and his activities as a singer. The star admitted that she is not easy – because a small child is difficult to sleep at night. However, the singer is ready to make sacrifices for the daughter.

“Everyday breastfeeding working moms. Ran out of the house with a wet head, so the effect you see in the photo. Glasses, because in the eyes of “match”! Night is not for sleep. Well, the neckline on the dress I delicately closed, so as not to embarrass their dear subscribers. Preparing for prize EN TV, where I sing “Drama”, – shared the singer in his microblog.

The artist also invited the fans to guess the outfit what brand she decided to try. Fans of Pauline immediately realized that stylish dress in a large pea – a creation by Russian designer. After some time, ispolnitelnitsa confirmed the speculation of the social network users.

In addition, fans of the singer noted that despite a sleepless night spent beside the baby’s crib, the star looks great. They wished the artist good day. “Irresistible”, “how sweet”, “Beauty-mom”, “Always cool”, “Sunny and bright. Successful everyday!”, “Clever”, “You are irresistible,” wrote the fans of the celebrity.

We also add that the premium EN TV, where Polina Gagarina will perform a new song “no more Drama” will be held on 27 may in the capital’s Crocus City Hall. Among the guests of the ceremony are expected Philip Kirkorov, Svetlana Loboda, Vera Brezhneva and Valery Meladze, Nikolay Baskov, Olga Buzova, Alexei Vorobyov, Nyusha, Nargis, djigan and many other stars of show business. The event will be one of the biggest ceremonies this spring.