Fans of tori Karaseva excited about her sudden disappearance

Поклонники Тори Карасевой взволнованы ее внезапным исчезновением The star of “House-2” does not communicate for about a month. Members of the young women in social networks are interested in her life. According to the followers, likely to elect Tory Glory Dvoretskov forbade her to use the Internet.

      Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” was glad when the star telestroke Tory Karasev signed up in social networks. For several years the girl didn’t hear. According to some reports, the young woman lives with another ex-participant of the project Fame by Dvorackova in a country house. Once Karasev appeared in Instagram, it literally overwhelmed with questions. It turned out that for several years she was restored to health after an incident in one of Moscow restaurants. Shell from mussels hurt celebrities of the esophagus, after which she had to undergo several operations.

      Appearing in a social Network, tori began to share the events that happen to her every day. This year they Fame celebrated a decade of married life. However, as they say friends of the pair, the husband restricts his wife in her Hobbies and watching her every move. Fans are concerned that Karasev for a month was not felt.

      “Tori, where are you gone, all right?”, “Vic, long time no new photos and new posts! Something happened?” “More publications will be?” – wrote followers tori.

      More devoted fans of “House-2” found the explanation of this situation. “She lives in the hut, there is the Internet only when comes Thank. Have no Karaseva android smartphone – she can’t lead “Instagram” without him. They don’t live together. Is he there every two-three months,” wrote one of the wearer’s social network.

      By the way, Rustam Solntsev told “StarHit” that Tory and Glory only create the illusion of a happy family. The star of “House-2” openly talked with Karaseva and she revealed personal secrets.

      Truth: Rustam Solntsev has exposed the most talked about ex-participants “Houses-2”

      “Tori recently assured readers of his “Instagrama” that ten years is in a relationship with by Vyacheslav Dvorackova. This is also true, she told me that this novel several years ago came to an end. Why did she cheat and to ascribe a connection with this loser? She’s so pretty, bright girl, free status would long ago have found themselves a hundred times better than this Glory…” – said the showman.