Olga Buzova has hinted at a new relationship

Ольга Бузова намекнула на новые отношения The star boasted a magnificent gift from a fan. Olga Buzova has hinted that in her life there was someone who loves to surprise her. Mysterious boyfriend singer and TV presenter found the opportunity to give her a luxurious bouquet of white roses, despite the fact that now they are with Olga shared a great distance.

      Olga Buzova, which late last year issued a formal divorce with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, hinted that in her life appeared a man who is ready to please.

      Telediva, these days located in Austria on holiday, boasted in the microblog gift from a mysterious admirer, saying that he is now not in the same country. However, he found the opportunity to transfer Olga to Vienna a luxurious bouquet of white roses. Posing with flowers, Olga Buzova touching thanked the one who gave them to her.

      “He who wants will always find a way to surprise you. Even if you’re in another city, in another country… thank you,” the star wrote under the image, depicting her in one of the streets spring of Vienna.

      Fans of Olga Buzova immediately noted that the pictures she seemed to glow from within. Followers said they are glad to know that the stars are all well.

      “So beautiful, direct glow from within, Olga!”, “Be happy. Beauty”, “Wow! Already knight appeared?”, “Are you crying from happiness in this photo? Or just the sun? So you’re here sweetheart”, “Olenka, looking at your blog and so happy for you that you’re finally happy and smiling, glowing from the inside, and it shows. Well done,” – such comments leave followers of Olga Buzova.

      However, she has not once managed to prove to everyone how strong she is a woman. After the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov Olga did not hold the sobs show, and fully immersed in a job that saved her from the sad thoughts. For a short period of time Olga Buzova recorded two songs, which has already announced himself on the big stage. In addition, she played in a production of “the Man snapped,” the toured, gave interviews, participated in the talk show.

      However, a week ago she might unwillingly have given to understand that the wound in her heart yet to be healed. Olga Buzova could not resist and publicly congratulated ex-husband’s birthday, allowing himself to give him very personal advice. Olga Buzova gave advice Tarasov

      “I wish him 30 years to finally learn to appreciate the important things in his life,” wrote Olga in the microblog.

      Not all fans of Olga Buzova at that moment stood at her side. Many advised her as soon as possible to forget Tarasova, try to quickly turn the page and begin to live a new life.