Laysan utiasheva told how he survived the betrayal

Ляйсан Утяшева рассказала, как пережила предательство Athlete remembered those who hurt her. According to Laysan Utyasheva, she had to face deception from loved ones, but over time she learned to accept such shocks differently. The woman believes that it is only due to the fact that her own children, little Robert and Sofia, helped her rethink things.

      Happy mother of two adorable children, Robert and Sophia, admitted that the children turned her life. Utiasheva convinced that, under the influence of Robert and Sophia, she managed to get rid of old worries and to learn to accept any circumstances in which she finds herself. As it turned out, this applies even to serious emocionalnij of potryasnie – deception and betrayal by loved ones.

      “When I played sports, had a lot of pain and betrayal… But with the kids all fell into place – you become a child, and you have a chance to start over. Most importantly, take advantage of that!.. I’m sure every person in my life was a difficult period, there were systems, but we all quietly work on yourself and try to grow every day. It is important in any situation did not play in a dramatic role and to stop being a victim, to accept, to forgive, to love,” said celebrity.

      The woman also added that people can change these feelings. As for the stars, she truly loves her heirs. Note that Laysan utiasheva and Paul Will enjoy playing with children and constantly coming up with new and interesting lessons for the younger generation. As the words of a gymnast, Sophia, and Robert loves to read and draw, but also willing to favor exercise. In his spare time, a lot of kids run and jump, to the delight of the sports mom.

      Recall that Laysan utiasheva married Paul Will in 2012. Wedding lovers were quite modest – they first married in the registry office, and then said a joyful event in a narrow family circle. A year later, the athlete gave her husband a son Robert, and two years later the family of the celebrities again had increased. Then was born a charming little girl Sophia.

      Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva rarely share with the public details of his personal life, preferring to protect her from prying eyes. In the social networks of celebrities are not very many publications devoted to their heirs.

      By the way, the stars not only live, but also work together. A joint project of the Will and Utyasheva dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. “I am responsible for sport, Pasha for the humor. Me laugh, me useful!” – quotes the athlete Peopletalk.