Fans of Julia Lipnicki sounded the alarm over her disappearance

Фанаты Юлии Липнцикой забили тревогу из-за ее исчезновения The girl does not communicate with fans on social networks a few months. In communities dedicated to the Olympic champion, the fans are trying to figure out what happened to a figure skater. Many netizens think Yulia Lipnitskaya is on treatment after a serious injury.

      Within a few months of Olympic champion Yulia Lipnitskaya does not communicate with fans on social networks and subscribers are not happy with new images. In early winter there is information that Lipnitskaya required major surgery. According to coach athletes Alexei Urmanov, the girl fell and hurt my lower back and hip joint. Earlier Yulia had already had problems with these joints. Later reported that the girl had surgery, and it will have a long rehabilitation, so they will not take part in the next competition. Fans of Yulia Lipnitskaya pray for her health

      The last photo of a skater appeared on her personal page in early January. The athlete congratulated followers a very merry Christmas. For questions about your condition Lipnitskaya short answer: “very much alive! Not abandoning anyone, thank you all.”

      However, after several months of silence on the personal page of Julia users fan community sounded the alarm. “As if time stood still, I believe that you will recover, you will help, it is just the beginning! How many small but so important victories, how much joy all right to be ahead!”, “I really hope that your back will allow you to play on!”, “It can be understood. No women in the mood! Let’s wait for news after treatment. I hope that good”, “Dear Julia, get well soon, very worried about your health”, “Soon this black bar in your life will pass, and everything will be fine,” wrote the fans of the figure skater.

      To appease fans, Russian figure skater Yulia and colleague, Adian pytkeev, answered one of the questions on the state of the girls. “She’s fine,” the young man wrote on the page on the social network.

      Recall that in late February, announced the list of athletes who will take part in European and world Championships. Surname Lipnitsky’s not in here.

      “Julia, most likely, will not be declared for any starts the rest of the season. In the meantime, she fully regained health. Recovery is fine but it takes time,” explained the General Director of the Federation of figure skating of Russia Alexander Kogan.