Гимнастка Анастасия Гришина обвинила родителей в воровстве The young woman said that she has nowhere to live. According to the famous gymnasts, the mother was deprived of her income and a roof over your head. At the present time Anastasia Grishina forced to live in rented accommodation. Athlete intends to seek justice in court.

      Journalists reported that 21-year-old Russian gymnast and silver medalist of the Olympic games in London Anastasia Grishina was left without money and a roof over your head. The young woman sent a letter to the editor of one of the publications in which he told about what he had lost everything to his mother. According to Anastasia, she was on the street with a small child.

      Grishina told reporters that a parent since childhood has controlled her income. According to Olga, Galina Grishina purchased some real estate with the money daughter. One of them became a communal apartment, house and “odnushka” in Khimki.

      “I had no idea how much of my money had to be postponed at mom’s. Knew only about “sobyaninskie” and “Putin’s” 5 million. Plus a car that could be sold. We put up for sale and immediately gave 2 million,” said a young woman.

      After Anastasia legalized relationship with her lover, before her acute housing problem. It was agreed that the gymnast and her husband settled in the spacious parent “treshke” on Polezhaevskaya. Galina promised the successor to renew this property on her.

      Joyful Anastasia immediately started to equip the family nest. The repair was managed by her husband Victor. According to Grishina, he also paid all the bills. Over time, however, the life of a young woman and her loved one became unbearable.

      “Mom fought all the time with me and with Victor reproached him that he lives in “her apartment”, constantly counting how much we spend, wanted to give her the money, blamed for the fact that he was sitting with our baby. No added joy and the youngest of the brothers, who at once almost killed me, came by night drunk with a knife”, – told Anastasia.

      Once a young woman has not sustained nerves. After that, Anastasia and Viktor gathered his things and left, and Galina changed the locks in the apartment.

      Then Grishina hurried to go to the Bank to find out about your financial situation. As it turned out, the gymnast received a decent salary in the amount of one hundred thousand rubles per month. In addition, she listed the major awards. According to Anastasia, she earned about 20 million rubles, not counting the cost of the machine, donated by the mayor of Moscow. “But all, absolutely all the money was immediately withdrawn from my accounts to my mother” – said a young woman “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

      To restore justice, Grishina appealed to the court. In addition, she wrote a statement about the threats to the police. Reporters contacted the parents of Anastasia, but they refused to comment.