Kurban Omarov waiting for a public apology from Otar Kushanashvili

Курбан Омаров ждет публичного извинения от Отара Кушанашвили Husband Ksenia Borodina said the showman. According to Otar Kushanashvili, he’s not hiding from Kurban Omarov, and was busy filming the TV show. Showman also expressed willingness to talk with the owner to resolve the conflict situation. In turn, Kurban Omarov said that he would like to meet a TV star.

      Recently Otar Kushanashvili quite sharply spoke about the review of Ksenia Borodina, dedicated to the rape victim Diana Shurygina. It happened in the program “Let them talk”. The husband of TV presenter Kurban Omarov was dissatisfied with the behavior of the showman and decided to talk to him. The businessman also said that he’s not answering his phone, as if purposely ignoring him.

      After some time cusanelli he said Omarova. The star of TV’s justified for silence, which lasted several days. The man said that a lot of time devotes to work. At this moment in time, leading almost around the clock busy with the shooting of the TVC program “Natural selection”. As soon as he becomes free, he will be able to meet personally with an opponent.

      “I am ready to meet anytime, anywhere. In the whole world there is no more friendly guy than I am. I do not collect the victory in the conflict, I don’t have time for this * * * guys, teenage quarrels, resentment, sucked from the finger, I’m too smart for this, too good for the crap. And here’s a crucial time, believe me battered funny sage. There’s us, and there is a crowd, and I distinctly feel how much the crowd wants blood. I repeat, too smart, to please the crowd. It is self-evident as the fact that a replica, says Dr. oz, nothing serious, and it was not. We wish each other well. R. S. But from the communication I did not refuse”, – shared the leading.

      The man also said that very rarely uses a cell phone. “It’s not a fad, it has nothing to do with disrespect, with contempt for the basic concepts of human communication; it is due only to the fact that I physically mind the time,” explained the presenter.

      According to cusanelli, it is unusual to experience fear and avoid contact with opponents. “I am afraid only for their children, but, thank God and thanks to me, they grow such that we need to fear them, not for them,” says the man.

      “StarHit” asked Kurban Omarov to comment on the opponent’s response. The businessman said that the long-awaited personal meeting with the presenter. Man hopes ask some people some questions.

      “No man won’t give offense to your wife, especially if it happened in public. Most importantly, he realized that the one who runs away, inadvertently catching up. I will be very glad to have this opportunity, I have a couple of questions that I’d like to ask. No military solution to the conflict, I do not plan… For public words need to publicly apologize. At flock have my phone, it will be good if he calls me,” said Kurban Omarov “StarHit”.

      Recall that the entrepreneur turned to Otaru cusanelli at the end of last week. “You know what I want to talk with you, and avoiding it. If you’re a man, at least call. You have my number. PS I respect adults if they respect themselves,” wrote the businessman in his microblog.

      The spouse of known TV presenter believes that eccentric showman was too harsh in relation to its statement to the Diana Shurygina. “Ksenia Borodina in the role of moral authority is like a man named Kokorin, who called football player. If Ksenia Borodina, donning his Prosecutor’s robe, someone is judging, it’s full of kick-ass”, – said Otar Kushanashvili the air show of the First channel. Kurban Omarov called Otar Kushanashvili to the men’s conversation